Anybody who is in love with cricket surely dreams about becoming a successful batsman. For a batsman, there is nothing much exciting than smashing the speeding ball and sending it out of the boundary and hitting a sixer! Cricket is loved, played and celebrated worldwide and the sport has a huge fan following all over. However, for the players, it is not that easy to be a consistent performer. A lot of dedication and mental peace is needed to be a good batsman or for that matter, even a bowler or a wicket keeper. The game needs a lot of strategising and the team which can excel in it finally wins. Also, the players need the right kind of skills and the perfect balance to make the team win.

Top 3 Skills To Become A Successful Batsman

So, what are the top 3 skills which a player needs to possess in order to become a successful batsman? Read below!

  1. Good Observation

Careful observation is the key to become a successful batsman. Not only cricket, but this is required in every field. In cricket, however, good observation skills are vital for the batsmen specifically. They need to critically observe the ball and also assess its speed with which the ball is approaching towards them. Hence, while planning about the shot, the batsman has to observe the ball well in order to be able to hit the ball on time.

  1. Time Management

Most of the batsmen believes that strength is more important that the timing. However, the fact is that time management is another important skill which every batsman should possess. They should wait for the correct time to hit the ball and batting in haste can only get them out in no time! In fact, it has also been observed that when a ball is being shot with full strength and the timing is bad, the ball doesn’t go beyond as less as 10 yards! And this is something which no batsman would ever want.

  1. Decision Making Ability

Quick decision making skills are important for any sportsmen. It is also needed for a batsman to take quick decisions based on the speed of the approaching ball which is coming towards him. The speed of the ball is related to the hitting of the same by the batsman. Hence, deciding upon the short span about hitting the ball and scoring is only possible when the batsman has good decision making abilities. The more time the batsman will take to play the shot, the better the shot will be.

Keeping in mind the above aspect skills, the batsmen should also try and find out the best bat in order to accentuate the game even more. However, one should always avoid burning a hole in the pocket and searching for the best cricket bats for sale. These are also available in some of the most reputed online websites. Just a bit of research is enough to get a bat in fewer prices and chase the dream of becoming a successful batsman.