We all know how much modern technology has changed and improved (for the most part) our world. Much of this technology has come in the form of software. Some of the first software we all used came on our personal computers in the form of Microsoft. Over the past couple of decades, software has evolved and expanded to the point where software is used in our day to day lives at home and work, and we may not even realize it.

For manufacturers and industries, software has helped to improve process and procedure, optimize the efforts of employees and given companies the ability to get creative with how they operate. For those companies who employ elements of design in their operations such as drafting engineers or custom machine builders, CAD software has become invaluable. As an example, engineering firms who design products and machines for other businesses use CAD software (computer aided design) to create 3D models and “blueprints” of ideas they have for their clients. This can be used to help companies convey their designs to their clients in a very quick and effective way.

Here are three ways CAD software can help business.

  1. Businesses can become much more efficient

CAD software pulls together a ton of different tools all into a single package if you will. Many of these tools include spreadsheets, rulers, drawing tools, mathematics and calculators. This gives engineers and designers all the tools they need in one convenient place. If changes need to be made, they can be done quickly. There is no need to start from scratch. Compare this to trying to create a 3D model of a building on paper using pencils and rulers.

  1. CAD software is precise

Even the smartest engineers and designers are no match for a computer. Computers are precise. They can easily manipulate and “tweak” a vast number of variables quickly, which allows them to create highly detailed an accurate designs. Adjustments to a client’s design can be done easily and quickly. CAD software is versatile and whenever the client requires changes or modification during the course of design, it can be done quickly.

Much of accurate design work involves math. The computerized portion of any CAD software helps to make the math part of design much easier; and accurate.

  1. CAD gives accurate models of design before the build process begins

Before CAD, physical models had to be built or simple two dimensional drafts were drawn on paper in order to give client’s a good representation of what their design would look like. Compared to CAD software models, this was more time consuming, costly or in the case of two dimensional drawings, simply did not give clients a good model which they could easily imagine. CAD software really brings things to life and provides a very real 3D model of design work that clients can quickly grasp. This type of prototyping has really helped design firms to be flexible, creative and provide a product/service that they simply could not do before CAD software existed.