Pickleball game is a great mix of three different games tennis, badminton and table tennis. The one thing that makes a difference in a Pickleball game from other similar games is the racquet used for the play. The racquets used in a Pickleball game is known as “paddles”.

If you are a beginner, you should know few things about Pickleball game and paddles. For instance, there are basically two types of paddles – lightweight and heavy weight.

Light weight paddles –

Today, most of the people prefer using light weight paddles for their game. They are made up newer elements like graphite, aluminum, fiber glass, composites and vinyl. Most of the paddles made up of these materials weight up to 6 – 12 ounces only. The main reason why player prefer buying light weight paddles is that they are easy to play with and the materials used in them offer much more bounce than the traditional wooden ones.

Heavy weight paddles –

Earlier days, wooden paddles were the only choice players had. These paddles are made of wood and are heavy to hold and serve. Wooden paddles are still in the market and there are few players, who prefer to play with wooden paddles. Playing with wooden paddles require more elbow and wrist strength to play.

Grips –

When we talk about a Pickleball paddle, the most important thing is the grip used in the paddle. The choice of the paddle depends upon two things the weight and the grip used in the paddle. Grips can vary from paddle to paddle. A paddle has either a flat squared off handle, which is not very comfortable to hold and to play or a paddle has round padded tennis grip which is much easier to hold and control.

Grip in a wooden paddle has a squared off flat grip. Unfortunately you only have the option of flat squared off grip with a wooden paddle. For other non wooden paddles you get to have soft foam wrap, just like the tennis grip which is wrapped over the handle.

Specifications of paddles –

Here are some basic specifications of paddles which will help you to inspect and consider your own Pickleball paddle for your game. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Material –

The material of a Pickleball paddle is a personal choice. Players who are more comfortable with a heavy weight paddle must choose a wooden paddle for their game and players who prefer light weight paddles for their game have options of composite, graphite, fiber glass, vinyl and aluminum.

  • Surface –

When you go for shopping to buy a paddle for your Wolfesports Pickleball game, make sure you check the hitting surface of the paddle. The hitting surface should be free of craters, perforations or any other rough texture. Any reflective or distractive features are not allowed in a paddle.

The choice of right paddle will make a huge difference in your game. Make sure to make the decision with all the facts and options available to you.