Fitness is something that not many can live up to and it requires dogged persistence to achieve something and become good at it. If a person has been a sportsman or has played in the school or college team, then he would know the best way to stay in shape and fit. This means that he would know the right way to work out and be fit. There are various methods to stay fit and remain in top shape to contend in a half-marathon or the full one. But for that the right amount of stamina, strength and never-say-die attitude is necessary.

These days across the world, there are half-marathons or marathons conducted where anyone with the keen interest to run can join. Many people love the fitness part of running, and many others love the thrill of the event per se. So, when a half marathon is around 2 or three months away, start preparing for it. In St Louis, Tracy Luttrell is a champion in this cause of running. She focuses on everything related to running. She has her own website, which would offer anyone who wishes to run 5K in the marathon to be inspired to run.

It has been seen that the first step is actually the big step and that is the toughest step too. If you are regularly running for three or four miles daily, then running a half-marathon would not be a big deal to you. Your practice has already begun and you can surely look forward to signing up for a running a marathon.

Your diet should be right and if you do not know much about the kind of diet you should eat, you may write in to Tracy Luttrell and she would be able to guide you for that. Not everyone who wishes to run in a marathon is going to be successful in the first attempt itself. The reason for that could be aplenty. Nevertheless, the health benefits of running are also equally high from burning calories, to losing fat and cellulite to getting toned legs, there are even health benefits beyond these.

Running at least three days, a week for over thirty minutes has its pluses, but more than that, the impact of running like this, is sure to work on reducing the weight. Running keeps a check on health issues and even increases bone density and immunity. But it is also not just benefits there are even so risks that can come up if one does not really care well for his body.

Those who are running after a long lapse or have decided to hit the track just after a little bit of practice should take care of not spraining muscles, cause abrasions or pull whatsoever. While amateur runners might experience dehydration or even exhaustion, with right kind of dietary intake and suggestion from experienced people like Tracy Luttrell such issues can be controlled. So, to experience the thrill of running, just put on your running shoes and get set to run!