There are many word countries that try to solve their problems with the floating population, emigrants. Other countries try to draw more visitors, tourists and citizens. They welcome all of them. So, if you have a dream to move to another country and get money for it, you can do it easily. The world is full of special places, where you can live and be paid for it. Why? The countries, states, cities are extremely depopulating now. They are ready to pay to every new citizen! It is like a good money bonus. So, the leading countries to welcome citizens are America, Canada, Spain and Netherlands.

Have since become a drifter!

Detroit, Michigan State, USA

Of course, you are surprised that Detroit – the automobile capital of the USA, still needs more citizens. That is true. The city is situated 170 kilometers far from Cleveland that also needs new citizens. If you want to be sure, you can hire a car in Cleveland airport and spend some time to get to Detroit. The city is not glorious any more. It still tries to get its old titles that are lost. The program is called the Challenge Detroit that offers about $2500 to the specialists in different industrial spheres that are welcomed to live and work here.

Alaska, USA

If you like winter, snowy landscapes and unhurried way of life, if you are not afraid of low temperatures, the life in Alaska seems to be perfect. There is a special government fund that pays to all specialists who are ready to move to Alaska. There is the only one condition: you have to stay here for one year minimum.

Saskatchewan Province, Canada

Canadian Province offers the wide new opportunities to all graduates. If you haven’t decided what to do and what do be, Canadian province offers to get the greatest job ever. You can get about $20 000 of Canadian dollars for work and life in the province for 7 years.

Niagara Falls, USA

This is one more fantastic opportunity to move to the picturesque country. Do you want to live in the most beautiful place in the world and get money for it? You are offered to get about $7 000 as a stimulant factor to live and work here for 2 years minimum.

Ponga, Asturias, Spain

This amazing small city is the oldest in Spain. The local government offers to pay about €3 000 to every young couple who wants to live here. What is more, you are offered to get about €3 000 for every newborn child. This is the best opportunity to live in the beautiful place on the fresh air and green nature.


Utrecht, Netherlands

Netherlands is a country that famous all over the world with its social and humanity sciences. This is a kind of social experiment: you can get about $1 000.

Curtis, Nebraska, USA

Everyone complains that local government does nothing for the city development. The American city Curtis offers the adequate proposal – everyone can get the plot space for free only of it helps to develop the city infrastructure.

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven is a government program that is specially created to make the city interesting for all and everyone. If you buy the house, you can get the repayment of $10 000. If you stay here for more than 5 years, the credit money is written off and you own nothing. You can also get about $30 000 to make your house comfortable to live. Again, if you stay here for more than 10 years, you own nothing.

Baltimore, Maryland

This city takes the seventh place among the most dangerous cities of America. You are offered to get about $5 000 to buy the house in the territory of Baltimore. If you are not impressed with the offered sum, you can easily double it buying the forsaken house for free to repair it.


Kansas City

Kansas is ready to pay money to you. Lincoln has the population about 3500 citizens. The city offers to get the ground plot for free to build up the house. If Lincoln is too big for you, you can buy the house in the Markett city that is smaller and quieter. You can get the student loan for $15 000.

Pipestone, Manitoba

The Canadian city Pipestone cannot surprise you with the free plots, but it offers to get big sales to build up the house for one year. What is more, if you want to start your business, you are paid about $24 000.

Mishima, Japan

Do you feel lonely? Welcome to the Japanese town Mishima. The small colony is located on three small islands with the population of 400 citizens. They are mostly aged people. Mishima offers to pay about $840 to pay for the transportation and every month payment for the first three years. You can rent the house with three bedrooms for the price of $207 per month. Also, you can get the cow for free!

Pitcairn Island, South Side of the Pacific Ocean

If you want to live on one of the outer islands in the world, Pitcairn is what you need. There are no more than 50 citizens. So, you can get a free ground plot. There is the only one shop here. That is why it is better to parcel goods from New Zeeland. If you like beaches and calm living, you welcome!


Bormida, Italy

The mountain village Bormida is situated on the North-West of Italy, about 80 kilometers far from Genoa. The village is situated very high in the mountains so the air is very clean. You can get about 2 000 EUR if you can get there to live. It costs about 50 EUR per month to rent a nice flat with the kitchen, bathroom, living-room, garage and 4 bedrooms. Do you like this proposal? You know, there are many people, who really liked it! Nevertheless, you cannot find the job here. Of course, if you want you can be the farmer! There is an internet access here to give you an opportunity to work on a free base.