When scouting for a mobile carrier, there really are multiple options. Before locking yourself into a decision, you need to be completely informed. Virgin Mobile (VM) is one of the most well-known mobile carriers in UK which has gained the satisfaction of many customers. Its subscribers are happy to be bound to a carrier that has no contract. Virgin Mobile likewise does not require big fees. Customers flock to VM because of its plans which are:  getting a contract and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan. The latter is used by younger users who do not want to get locked with a contract that they still cannot afford.


Virgin Mobile’s Draws

Here are some of VM features that draw clients to use or switch to this carrier:

  • You can keep your current cell phone number and switch to VM without a contract.
  • You can keep your current phone, as long as it is unlocked so that the switching is possible.
  • Upgrade options that allow users of PAYG to get money from message and call bundles when their spending is £100.
  • A great PAYG benefit is you can use them when you are traveling abroad, without lots of additional fees.
  • The PAYG option frees you from getting stuck with costly overages – courtesy of its top up options.
  • Contract users have choices of 12-month and 24-month plans.

Top Phone Deals

Some of the deciding factors when shopping for a phone provider are phone deals, smartphone offerings, features and data usage. Virgin Mobile leads the industry when it comes to phone deals. It offers no contract phone makers that include Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, ZTE and Motorola. Styles to choose from are touchscreen, slider phones, flip phones and QWERTY keyboard. Phone features in the choice list are Bluetooth, speakerphone, camera as well as capabilities for GPS, internet and Wi-Fi. VM’s offerings are apart from other pre-paid carriers as their plenty of phone choices can satisfy even the pickiest mobile user. The following are its PAYG choices:

Samsung Galaxy Ace, this £129.99 deal includes a 12-month free data and a £10 airtime plus 300 text messages, along are top up rewards such as 3,000 text messages as well as the 1GB of Virgin Mobile Web additional.

Samsung Galaxy Y. For £74.99, you shall have free data for 12 months, £10 airtime and  300 text messages. Also included are top up rewards such as 1GB of web browsing and 3,000 text messages.

ZTE KIS. Pay only £59.99 and this already includes 12 months of free data, 300 text messages and 3,000 text messages in the top up reward.

Google’s Nexus 4, it has been out in the market for months, but Nexus 4 is not easy to buy. However, with a £31-per-month contract with VM, the phone is yours for free; plus 200 minutes, 500MB of data and 500 texts.

Price and Sweeteners

UK call charges for Virgin Mobile are billed per second and rounded to the nearest penny. There is no difference for peak and off-peak hours. There are no charges for free phone numbers for helplines and charities that are listed in the VM website.

Virgin Mobile also offers sweeteners for its customers such as the Mobile Bonus for their contract clients which gives a minimum of £5 discount for Virgin customers and the tariffs of Addict Extra that gives allowances to customers of Virgin Media if they top up.


Choosing VM for your mobile service provider gives value for money mobile benefits.  VM is a great idea for users on or off a budget. It gives customers multiple choices and the benefit of freedom.

Be sure to check out Virgin Mobile phones on their site.

Written by: Josh Cooke has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.  In recent year his focus has been on IT Security which has gained importance as the Internet has grown an avid follower of the latest gadgets and advancements in the technology industry.