There are many effects of aging can be delayed or even prevented. If one understands how this process, then, can prevent premature aging works.

The skin consists of two layers called the epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer which is exposed to the elements. The dermis is located directly below the epidermis and is the origin of the sweat glands and hair. Both the dermis and the epidermis thickness decrease with aging. The dermis can be reduced to 20% and the blood supply to the dermis can also be reduced over time.

Wrinkles form when the collagen layer decomposes. Collagen is the protein that keeps cells together. When the aging process occurs watched as the skin starts to develop wrinkles slowly as more and more collagen breaks down and once this happens, elasticity and resilience of skin is lost.

When the skin becomes thinner and has less elasticity, it also becomes increasingly fragile. This means that the bruises and cuts take longer to heal. The loss of sweat glands and hair in the dermis may cause the skin to become very dry (a common side effect of aging). The very thin skin also reduces its ability to act as a strong barrier against infection.

The thinning of the skin can affect health more than you think. The skin is responsible for the production of vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption. With the deterioration of the skin as you age, bones deteriorate as well. This is one reason why vitamin D deficiency is more common in older people.

What Factors can Accelerate the Aging Process?

 Exposure to sun: The sun is a major cause of skin aging. It can cause up to 90% of premature aging that most people experience.

 An unhealthy diet: A poor diet leads to the production of free radicals. This causes the body to age faster. The elimination of the wrong foods and the inclusion of foods rich in antioxidants help slow the aging process.

 Lack of sleep: Sleep is essential to keep your skin in good condition. Getting enough sleep will promote the rejuvenation of healthy cells.

 Stress: Stress reduces the body’s ability to function properly. The more stress we have, the more likely to be aging prematurely.

 Smoking: Not required a lot of science to know that smoking will age the body with every breath you take.

Genetics is not included in this list because prefer to focus mainly on aspects of life we ​​can control. It is known that gene is responsible for 1/3 of the aging process. The remaining other totally dependent 2/3 ourselves.

How to Stop Aging?

Well, stop aging is not possible yet. However, we can ensure to reduce the speed at which we do! To reduce the rate at which we age, or even reverse some of its effects, then we must practice healthy habits. Avoid all the above is the most important step. Use sunscreen and make sure to maintain a pure and healthy diet can significantly reduce skin aging. We cannot settle for foods of low nutritional quality when it comes to our health! The body needs to be reconstituted with the proper nutrients. A way of life full of stress should be treated with caution if we stay healthy. Too many negative emotions about the daily struggles our skin wrinkle long before its time.

Reverse aging is more difficult (or impossible!) to prevent it. So, instead of waiting they have already appeared wrinkles, we are pro-active. Our body is truly a temple, a work of art, to say the least. Keep only the best healthy eating, applying skin and exposing only the best and most natural products and beauty care, protecting us from harsh sun and reducing the stress level will help us to age gracefully and in time.