The women undergo a number of gynaecological problems throughout her lifetime, at different stages of her life. Seeing a private gynaecologist is a mandatory in such a situation. However, the gynaecologists always tell the women or their patients that they should be careful about a few things and regularly visit the doctor. Here is what they should keep in mind.

  1. Getting pregnant before 35:

Every woman is born with a limited number of eggs in their ovaries and about 10 years before menopause, the eggs are exhausted. Thus, the women are led towards menopause. At this time, they are very less likely to get pregnant. Hence, it is a must that they become pregnant before the age of 35 as they have more eggs by this time and are more fertile.

  1. Freezing the eggs beforehand:

Often, career-conscious women prefer to get pregnant at a later age. Many do not find the right partner to have babies with. In that case, freezing the eggs beforehand, when they are more fertile, is a good idea. Freezing the eggs when the woman is between 20 to 30 years is the best time. Freezing the eggs after 35 may not give the best results.

  1. Treating PCOS:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is often considered to be simply associated with acne, irregular periods or facial hair. But, they are more serious than what they are thought to be. It changes the metabolism and leads to cardiovascular diseases, cancer and obesity. Hence, treating it is a must.

  1. Having safer sex:

Those, who are engaged in premarital sex, must always make sure that they practice safe and protected sex. This, not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but also makes sure that there is no risk of the sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. DNA testing for disease prevention:

Nowadays, the best London based gynaecology clinic, offers DNA testing. This is an easy test that finds out if the baby has acquired any disease from the mother or the father and thereby, prevents it in advance.

  1. Visiting the gynaecologists regularly:

It is not just to find out the problems with getting pregnant or how you can get pregnant that you need to visit the gynaecologists for. But, you should regularly visit the gynaecologists to make sure that you stay safe from the many other diseases and that you can age gracefully.

  1. Pregnancy as a psychological process:

The gynaecologists always tell the patients that pregnancy is a psychological process in which the body undergoes a change. Unless there is something serious to worry about that the doctor will identify well, there is no need to be stressed.

  1. Maintain vaginal hygiene:

This is very important for every woman, especially during her menstrual cycle. If you are using a tampon, it needs to be changed in every 6 hours. Vaginal douche is not recommended as this discourages the hygiene and health, killing a number of good bacteria in the vagina.

Now that you have known about the major tips regarding women’s health, you need an appointment with private gynaecologist in London. The doctor will guide you well.