Holistic treatments are far better than conventional, chemical treatments that are commonly prescribed today. These natural alternatives are very effective in treating a variety of conditions. Better yet, they do not pose any negative side effects, unlike today’s modern medicines.

Fortunately, there are many holistic clinics throughout the state of Colorado. Many customers have had great healing experiences with these natural clinics and remedies. If you wanted to try it for yourself, here’s a list of the best places in Colorado.

1. Tree of Life Wellness Center

The Tree of Life Wellness Center sells and administers a numerous variety of natural herbs, oils and concentrates. Dr. Wim, the founder, has over 25 years of experience in natural medicine. He provides plenty of information on his products and what conditions they treat.

2. Naturally Loved

This is the perfect alternative for those who want to raise their baby using natural remedies and solutions. They have won awards with Parent’s Magazine in 2011, 2012 and 2013. This business has received nothing but five-star reviews.

3. Activa360

Dr. Turnbull, the founder of Activa360, is an expert in chiropractic care, functional neurology, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative procedures and nutrition. He combines his knowledge with holistic medicine in order to provide people with the most effective, natural treatments. He is able to treat so many conditions that the list would be too long to mention here.

4. Colorado Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine

This business consists of skilled, caring professionals who use a large variety of natural medicines that treat different conditions, such as back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and much more.

5. Equilibriumz Reiki

Equilbriumz Reiki uses natural healing techniques that are used throughout the whole entire world. They are able to provide relief from stress, insomnia, pain and much more. Reiki is even able to help those who have severe conditions such as post-traumatic-stress disorder.

6. Grace Journey Acupuncture

These people are highly trained in providing pain relief by using effective acupuncture treatments. On top of acupuncture treatment, they use natural herbs to help aid in the process. They are also interested in helping those who experience spiritual challenges.

7. Dr. Kenna Brooke

Dr. Kenna is mainly focused on helping those who have very serious conditions, such as cancer. Their therapies include homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine and more. This is a far better route that has no negative side effects. Most of all, their treatments have been proven to be exceptionally effective.

8. Advanced Health Solutions

Founded in 2004, Advanced Health Solutions effectively treats a large array of conditions, including allergies, fibromyalgia and common injuries. They strictly use natural medicines that produce no negative side effects. Advanced Health Solutions fully understands what causes many of these conditions, so they can be treated at the core.

9. Herbs and Arts

Herbs and Arts is dedicated to maintaining the physical and spiritual health of people by using natural remedies. They carry the largest selection of natural herbs in Colorado, including 100 essential oils. They also offer spiritual and energetic healing.

Todd Nelson, D.Sc. trained at the International Center for Natural Health and Medicine, graduating with both a Naturopathic Doctor degree and a Doctor of Holistic Health Sciences degree. Aside from heading the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Denver, Colorado as a naturopathic doctor, Todd is also a co-author of 3 books.