A home theater requires planning to achieve a quality sounding system. A few tips can help someone achieve the system that he or she desires. When choosing to have a home theater, an individual should also consider including smart wiring in his or her plans.

Home Theater Installation

Comfortable Seating is Essential

When choosing seating for a home theater, some facts should be considered.
The chairs should have low backs to prevent the audio from the surround system from being blocked.

The location of the chairs is also important to prevent losing the sound. The chairs will need to be positioned away from the walls and speakers to obtain a quality sound from the system.

A good chair should be comfortable and support the spine, and it should be quiet. The chair should not be noisy with creaks and rattles that might distract others from listening to a movie.

Choosing the Room for the Movie Theater

The acoustics in a room plays a large part in a quality sound; therefore, the room layout will help determine the sound of the system. A room that is equipped with bookshelves or other furniture can be used to help reflect the sound better than an empty room. An empty room will sound more like an echo. The room will need to be a quiet room with a door that can be closed. It should be away from other distracting noises in the home since outside interferences can take away from the home theater experience

Distracting lights coming through windows can cause glares on the television. Therefore, lights should be installed that allow someone to dim them for good viewing, and shades can be used to block out the other light distractions. Along with noise and light distractions, the room should be free from visual distractions as well. Visual distractions can include things that reflect on the television screen. Nobody wants to see these images on the screen during a movie.

Which Television Should Someone Choose?

The screen should be big, but it should offer a clear and sharp picture as well. The distance that the chairs are from the screen can help determine the size needed for the screen. For instance, if the chairs were around 72 inches from the screen, the screen size would need to be about 60 inches in measurement.


A home theater can sound like the movies in a real theater with the right speakers. They can make listening to the movie seem more like going away from home to enjoy a night out at a movie theater. The sound should deliver a uniform sound that each individual can hear no matter where he or she is sitting.

Electronics and Calibration

The television and speakers will be connected together to achieve a high quality sound. The system should be chosen to match the size of the room. Small rooms will not need a large system that will overpower the room. In addition, the home theater should consist of one remote making it easier to control the sound and television.

To optimize the best performance in a home theater, choose the systems that are most appropriate for the home, room and environment. Then, the family can enjoy watching movies together from the comfortable chairs in their own specially planned and designed home theater systems.