If your employees are accessing your business network and data on tablets and phones, you have a whole additional layer of security with which to concern yourself. The problem is, many businesses are dropping the ball here, and not taking proper measures to keep these devices secure. Here are just a few tips for shoring up these devices as best you can and minimizing the risk of viruses, data breaches and other problems.

Do Your Homework on Products

Don’t just go and download the first products you come across. As mobile devices are increasingly being used for myriad purposes, the number of products designed to protect them specifically is ever-increasing. If you are looking for mobile security for android devices for example, you will find many programs that cater specifically to them, as well as products that may work for multiple platforms.

Assess your situation. Who is using mobile devices? What sort of information do they have access to, and will they be accessing it on the device? What sort of information are you concerned about? What measures are already in place? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the vendor; don’t make assumptions.

Basic Education Can Go a Long Way

The simplest data protection measures also happen to be some of the most effective for minimizing risk. Don’t assume your staff knows the importance of such measures, or that they are implementing them. Ensure they know the importance of installing security patches, signs of potentially harmful sites and programs, and why it is necessary to create complex passwords. Except for the most tech-savvy amongst us, we are generally not consciously thinking about these types of things when we are using our devices.

Tips For Securing Mobile Devices Used In Your Business

Encrypt SD Card Data

If the devices in question allow for information to be stored on SD cards, you must be encrypting this data. Otherwise, someone can just easily remove the card, and upload the data without worrying about having to crack any passwords.

Install Remote Wiping Software

If devices get lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry about unscrupulous people getting their paws on any sensitive information that may be stored on them, if you have software that enables you to wipe the device clean remotely. All you need to do is log onto the product website, and with the simple click of the mouse, everything is history.

‘Digital Leash’ Software

There are programs that send out an alert when a person moves away from their device—they act a sort of ‘digital leash’ that can help prevent someone from leaving it behind. It requires attaching a small sensor to some item, like keys, a purse or wallet.

Prevent Information from Being Saved on Mobile Devices

Being able to access data from a phone does not mean that data has to be saved on it. There are various measures you can take to ensure information is not stored on these devices—this minimizes risks in the event a device is lost or stolen, or in the cases where devices are personal and not issued by the company, a person leaves.