A job in the fast-changing world of marketing and/or communications can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be a busy, full-on and challenging career. Many people, both graduates and non-graduates alike, end up on a lucrative career path when they start in these areas, but you’ll need to work hard to get where they are.

Are you ready to apply?

Before you even start applying for jobs in these sectors, you need to check that you have what it takes both personally and in terms of qualification or experience. First of all, what level of job are you going for? A specific graduate job will require you to have a degree in marketing, communications or at least Business Studies (with a module on marketing/communications). Graduate jobs tend to require people with a 2:2 degree or above, although prestigious firms may only accept candidates with a 2:1.

For non-graduate roles, perhaps with a title like Marketing Assistant, you may be able to apply without a degree provided you can show some other evidence. Perhaps you have done an online diploma in marketing/communications or carried out marketing/communications responsibilities in a previous role.

When you apply

As with all roles, there are key characteristics that someone looking for marketing communications jobs will need to demonstrate. These roles are most suited to confident and assertive candidates and those who have excellent people awareness. Be sure to mention these assets in your application. You will also need to demonstrate that you are commercially aware. Marketing communications jobs are available in every sector from engineering to new media, government, charities, retail firms, logistics firms and anything else you can think of. Try to apply for jobs in an area you have an interest in, and be sure to demonstrate that you understand the issues facing that industry.

When you get the job

You’ve got the dream job you wanted in the marketing and communications sector, so what should you do now? You might have around two weeks before you start, so use this time to familiarise yourself further with the industry and the business or charity itself. Spend a lot of time on their website, learning who is who and finding out about the history and aims of the organisation. This means that when you do start, you’ll be ready to learn the role itself in better context. If you feel there were any weak areas in your application in terms of the role or responsibilities, read up on these areas so you can feel a bit more armed. For example, if the job requires you to do mail shots on a piece of software you’ve never used, do a bit of research into it and maybe have a go at home!

A job in marketing or communications can be a fantastic career choice for the right person. Vivacity about people and products and a willingness to learn will put you in great stead for any role in this area.