If you have a mobility scooter, you will already know what a fantastic source of support this piece of handy equipment provides in terms of mobility, access and increased safety and security whilst out and about; however, you may be struggling slightly with storage, especially in the rainy season! The difficulty is that storage and protection problems can prevent users taking their scooters out, with the temptation being to stay indoors rather than deal with bad weather and longer-term problems such as rusting and water damage.

Traditional Canopies

It can be surprisingly difficult to buy a high-quality cover for scooter models designed to aid mobility. Many customers install a traditional-style canopy to provide protection against rain and the associated risk of mechanical failure and rust; however, this can be problematic in summer, as the temperature under a scooter canopy can soon become far too hot.

Light Storage Covers

Another solution is to use a lightweight plastic sheet or cover, which is wrapped around the scooter when it is being stored; however, these tend only to be useful when the scooter is likely to stay in one place for a period of time and they are generally not easy for a person with mobility needs to use. They also can rip and blow away due to their lightweight construction, which defeats the purpose of using a cover when it rains!

A Universal Folding Scooter Cover

Fortunately, there is a new type of product that avoids the above problems and provides a whole host of benefits to mobility scooter users. Firstly, these canopies are very quick to make, which avoids long lead times, and they are suitable for virtually all models of mobility scooter thanks to the flexible fitting technology. Whether you have a large 8mph scooter or a very small transportable, you will find that the ScooterPac is a design that fits all sizes

The special patent-pending material technology offers ample rain protection and the strong aluminium material construction means that rust is not an issue and the canopy can remain useable for a long time. The canopy is very easy to install and gives users plenty of independence, as no assistance is needed. Its flexible build means it can simply fold out from its position behind the seat when you need it and can be used to provide side and overhead protection. When the sun comes out, you simply fold the canopy back and enjoy the warmth of the rays!

Come and Find Out More from the Experts!

To find a cover for scooter models of all types, why not come and see this world first – a folding canopy for mobility scooters – on display at the Birmingham NEC this October? Advisors will be on hand to give demonstrations, talk to you about your needs and help you to work out which canopy product is the best option for you. There will also be refreshments and other goodies available.