If you are looking to hire a freelance journalist there are a number of resources out there that promise to find you the best of the best in journalism. However, not all websites can deliver what they promise. But in this article we will tell about three best website where you can hiring a freelance journalist from all the world.

TOP 3 Best Websites Where You Can Hire A Journalist

PayDesk is the top site for hiring a freelance journalist and there are a number of reasons why. Unlike other freelance sites, PayDesk is strictly for journalists. This allows you to avoid the hassle of weeding out unqualified writers who are likely to apply to jobs on other sites. They also have a high response time to job postings that is under ten minutes. Their journalists are

PayDesk is able to boast that they have over 1,000 journalists who are from 150 different countries. This means they can not only find someone who can do the job, but they can place that job with a relevant journalist, giving you the ability to hire someone to do a report from anywhere in the world and usually for the same price as you would pay for a local story. Additionally, journalists on PayDesk are available to do broadcast reporting as well as printed media and also photography. PayDesk journalists also have press accreditation so they can cover sporting events in their area.

Other Sites for Hiring Freelance Journalists

Another website that we can suggest for hiring freelance journalists is Elance. Elance is a site for all kinds of freelancers, not just journalists, and has a huge . Because this site caters to a variety of freelance workers it can make hiring difficult. There are likely to be a number of unqualified candidates applying for jobs simply because journalism falls into the category of writing, but these candidates may be writers of a different caliber such as fiction writers or technical writers who are less judicious with their applications. Also, it is important to note that Elance is part of the Upwork company, and the two sites share many of the same profiles. So for all purposes, we are considering them the same entity and include Upwork as a part of Elance.

The other site we would recommend for hiring freelance journalists is journalismjobs.com. Like PayDesk, JournalismJobs is a site strictly for hiring journalists. In addition to job postings, JournalismJobs also offers a number of resources on their site. These resources include research tools, awards/contests, and fellowships that help the journalists to improve their own skills which is very useful to you as a potential employer.

Reasons to Hire a Freelance Journalist

Journalism may sound like a restrictive skill set, but it is actually highly marketable. A well trained journalist has a lot to offer any business, not just publishers.

Journalists have a passion for the content they write about and for digging deep in order to find the best information. Their research skills are a huge asset for any business. They know how to find not only information, but to track that information to reliable sources. Additionally, they know how to interview people and gather information from real people, not just the internet.

Another reason to hire a journalist is that they keep deadlines, religiously. This applies to everything they do. They are punctual know how to get work done quickly and efficiently without squandering time. In the fast paced world of technology, it is an important skillset to have.

Lastly, journalists are informers and not salespeople. Their intentions are always to show you the truth of the matter and not to sell it to you. They will always give you direct information and this is what you need. As a business you already know what selling is, but that is not what you are hiring a journalist for. You hire a journalist to procure the information you need and to make an analysis that is going to be straightforward so that you can use it to improve your business.

These are only a small number of reasons to hire a freelance journalist. There are of course many more reasons to hire journalists, and PayDesk, Elance, and JournalismJobs are the top 3 best websites where you can hire a journalist.