Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was an interesting device but recent launch of Samsung in form of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge overcome it because of its dual-edge display and Note Edge is still limited to single bent and now all hopes set for the Galaxy Note Edge 2 which would also get the similar display as of Galaxy S6 Edge, so you might have question in your mind, should you go with expensive Note Edge or wait for Galaxy Note Edge 2 arrive?

If we talk about the Note Edge 2014 smartphone there were various apps that were pre installed and it was making the phone very interesting for example, the Music Square, for those not familiar with other Samsung devices, classifies songs in a quadrant based on four parameters – exciting, passionate, joyful and peaceful – and clicking on a point in that quadrant style songs that are played. The player also incorporates other interesting features such as Smart Volume to adjust the volume of each track at the same level; font to display the lyrics of the song Sound Alive to adjust the equalization; and Adapt Sound to calibrate the sound from the headphones to the response of our hearing. Now the Galaxy Note Edge is not able to download the album art automatically. But here Samsung should count as primary improvement that; Samsung needs to perform in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: Should You Wait For It?

Moreover, Application Gallery is used to display and play the photos and videos stored on the phone and even those stored on NAS drive connected to the network or cloud services like Dropbox, Facebook or Picasa. The Gallery app also allows editing images through various integrated into the new application functionalities Study: Photo Studio, you can rotate, crop, resize, adjust the tone (brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc.), apply effects, remove red eye and etc. Shooting and more, you can edit photos taken with the “Trip and more” to select the best picture, best face, apply the Drama mode, apply Erase mode etc. Study video clip, which allows combining several images to create a colorful video, Crop video, you can rotate and crop recorded videos with your phone. Well, here with these specifications and features Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is ahead to many of the flagship but still you could define it as the first level and with the Note Edge 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 everything would be improved.

Also, worth mentioning while working with Galaxy Note Edge camera you would found that the video recording is excellent and the phone is able to play without problems with HD 1080p compatible files smoothly thanks to its quad-core processor. Although it seems unlikely that need resolution so watch videos on Galaxy Note 4, the fluidity with which breed is a good measure of the performance of the phone. At performance, there is no issue but working could be improved, so wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 that is our recommendation.