It is recommended that you change the air filter of your air conditioning unit once a month or two months at the most. A common myth is that this is mainly to keep the filter from getting dirty, but that is not actually the main reason to replace the air filter. The main reason is to avoid the filter getting damaged. After all, the main purpose of the air filter is to prevent damage to the air conditioning unit, even though many of the newer ones also remove allergens from the air, so it ends up taking the brunt of the strain. Having the wrong air filter can be just as bad as having a damaged air filter. Here is how it will affect your and your home.

The filter protects the AC by trapping large particles of dirt, dust, and other debris that floats in the air. By trapping it, the filter keeps the particles from being sucked into the unit and keeps them from damaging it. If it is not changed regularly, then it gets too clogged with debris and it will stop air flow.

Getting the right air filter for your air conditioning system is vital if you want a functioning air conditioner that will not get damaged. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, like the size of the air filter and the rating for your air conditioner. If the frame of the air filter is too small, then the air conditioner will be partly exposed and particles will get sucked up anyway. If the air filter fibers are too loose, particles will be able to wiggle through and end up damaging the air conditioner anyway. But if they are too tight, they will stop air flow and you will end up with an air conditioner that cannot function anymore.

How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

Fibers that are too tight cause a lot of the same problems as dirty air filters. They can cause short cycling, which means your air conditioning unit will have shorter, more frequent cycles than it is supposed to. The noise from it will constantly disrupt your house and it will also make your home suffer from high energy costs and uncomfortable temperature changes.

An air filter that is too tightly woven can also cause freezing. Because the cold air can’t get out, it lowers the internal temperature of the air conditioning unit and it will cause ice to form around the coils. Freezing can also cause unevenness all over the home and you will experience hot spots and cool spots everywhere, even if the freezing is not enough to form ice.

Allergen buildup will also happen. More allergens in the air means more discomfort for everyone in your family who has allergies. The allergens will build up in your duct system and linger even after you replace the air filter. It can also cause a mold problem.

The minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV indicates how efficient an air filter is and what size you need it to be. Most conditioners take filters that are MERV 1-4 but some take filters that are as high as MERV 8. Make sure to check to see if you are getting the right one. Also look to make sure the frame is the right size to correctly fit your air conditioner. Otherwise you might end up damaging your air conditioner and you will have to get it replaced.

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