Are you planning an event but can’t seem to grapple with the logistics and costs associated with selling your tickets? If you are then perhaps you should consider online ticketing: a faster, more efficient, less labor intensive and therefore cheaper method to sell tickets. Ticketbud is a web based application that provides event organizers with the necessary tools to promote events, accept payments, verify tickets, and record sales figures. With the mass appeal of the internet as an information access point, you should be able to reach a wider audience with online ticketing.

Registration for a Ticketbud account is a fast and simple process. The registration will cost your roughly 20$ for a single day event or 40$ for a multi day (longer than 24 hour) event. Once you set up your account, you should be able to generate an event page, which has all the relevant details about the event, such as the venue, ticket price, and the quantity available. You can even put visual elements like photos, to spruce up the design of your ticket.

As far as promoting the event goes, Ticketbud has a certain feature called “get the word out”, which allows you to spread the word through social media sites, like Facebook and twitter. You get a HTML code, which you could input to your website or blog. You can also send your guests email invitations. All tickets sold are recorded on a real-time basis, which you can access on a navigational panel. Furthermore, sales information, like customer name, ticket type, price, etc, can be exported to a spreadsheet, making it easy for you to sort and filter the information.  Payment for tickets is acceptable through all major credit cards and electronic checks, straight into your PayPal account.

So what happens when you are done with a particular event? Well Ticketbud maintains the event details, to assist in marketing your organization in the future, though the ticket form will remain in active. Should decide to hold a similar event in the future, you have the option to reactivate a previously used ticket page, making work easier for you. Ticketbud is built to be a secure online ticketing application running on stable 64 bit Linux servers. To avoid fraud in ticketing, it has a unique application known as a “Ticketbud barcode scanner”. It works by using the camera on your Smartphone to read barcodes, and thus verify the validity of a ticket. With the fluctuating costs normally associated with selling tickets, Ticketbud offer a low priced pragmatic solution to this problem.