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Created in 2010, maintains its intuitive user interface and caters to its users very well. It is by far the simplest resume building application available free online and still continues to provide users the best and easiest resume building experience. All you have to do to get “baking” your resume is to sign up and get a free account. Only a functional e-mail address and an account password are needed. Afterwards, you are brought to a page where you will need to input every part of the resume. It is pretty convenient because every section of the resume from contact information to interests is in one page; this is pretty appealing considering that most other resume building applications require you to travel from one page to another to put all your information in.

The application has a modern feel to it. With its dark blue background and touches of vibrant peach, using the app is pleasing and a joy. The font is not boring, either; it looks a lot more like a blog than a resume builder. One more appealing thing about this resume builder is that it allows the user to link his finished resume to popular social networking sites. This allows for better dissemination and sharing capabilities, so the user will rest assured that there is a greater chance that someone might stumble upon his resume. The site also hosts your resume as well as shares it; the user is guaranteed that his resume will be online on the site 24hours a day, 7 days a week. The site also is able to publish your resume into .PDF, .DOC and .TXT formats so you can e-mail and share your resume easily and conveniently. is by far the most intuitive, convenient and good looking resume builder out on the web. The best thing about it is that it is free of charge. The developers have not mentioned a paid subscription and hopefully never will implement one. So, now would be the greatest possible time to create an online resume that is convenient and free.