In order to bulk up the security and prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive and important information, many online services, and more particular cloud services, are implementing the so called two-factor authentication. Dropbox is one of those services, but recently it has been discovered that there is a hack thanks to which you can get over the two-factor authentication which makes it extremely vulnerable.

Dropbox Latest Hack; Should You Go for Dropbox Alternatives

As it seems, as long as a person has your username and password for your account in Dropbox, he can easily bypass the authentication and log into your account, see your private information and everything you are currently storing there. And since Dropbox is not verifying email addresses while a new account is being signed up, the hacker can easily register a new mail, similar to an existing one.

In such case, the two-factor authentication is triggered and an emergency code will be sent, in case the person has lost his phone. The hacker then, will easily take that emergency code and use it to log into the account.

And since the hacker’s email address is similar to the victim’s the emergency code will seamlessly work on the account of the victim. After this, the two-factor authentication can be disabled. Here is an example – Dropbox handles the mail “[email protected] the same as [email protected]…now you see how vulnerable the service might be.

Of course, the essential part here is you have to know the password of the person before initiating this hacking procedure. Once you have it, it is relatively easy to bypass the two-factor authentication. However, Dropbox’s support team has found this bug and we hope that they will fix it as soon as possible.

So now what you can do if you have been using Dropbox for managing your online file storage. Here you have two ways to go; either you have to wait for the time when this critical issue will be resolved by the company as soon as possible, while there is another option for you to go for the alterative of Dropbox to store your data satisfactorily. Yes there are present a lot of different online storage options you can use until the Dropbox hack issue is resolved. So if you are ready to go for Dropbox alternatives then visit this website. Here in this post you will find various alternatives to Dropbox in order to get the best solution for online storage security issues.