Being a good man in 2018 is tricky – traditional masculine values have become tangled up with some toxic, unpleasant and indeed illegal behaviour, and for a man who doesn’t want to nail their colours to that particular mast, picking a path forward can be tricky.

Today we’re showing off a few essential accessories that let the modern man feel at his most masculine, as well as up to date and totally in line with the times.

Shaving in Style

How many times have you looked at your watch, run a razor over your face in a hurry and sprinted out of the door in the morning, clutching a tissue to a cut on your face?

The modern man is always carefully groomed and taking the time to shave properly in the morning leaves you feeling focussed, centred and ready for the day, as well as looking great. Investing in a classic shaving set doesn’t just give you everything you need to look perfect groomed. A vintage safety razor turns shaving into a skill you can practise and master, giving you a confidence boost at the beginning of every day.

Telling the Time

Picking the right wristwatch should take time. It’s an important accessory, as it will be with you all day, every day, close to your skin. It’s one of the ways you can broadcast to the world the sort of person you are, or who you wish to appear to be.

If you want to remember that you’re more than your demanding office job, and constricted urban routine, a watch with features for an outdoorsman helps to connect you to that part of yourself, and shows others there’s a little more to you than meets the eye.

On the other hand, if you’re aspiring for success and promotion in the office, a classic leather strap and unfussy dial demonstrate focus and control, and traditional professional values that may influence others to find you more impressive!

If you really want to make a splash, you could pick out something a little more vintage: whether that’s a classic wristwatch that you’ll need to wind every night before you sleep, or even a fob watch worn on a waistcoat on special occasions.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget it has to be the right choice for you. If you’re trying to project an image of outdoors-y practicality, a bulky hiker’s watch that includes a compass and GPS tracking might help, but if it doesn’t sit comfortably on your wrist, and you don’t know how to use it, it’s more likely to undermine your image than help reinforce it!