A lot of preparations are required for getting ready for bathing suit season. So to make the process a lot easier, shop for the best one or two-pieces for your body type. Now, before hitting the beach many of you will perhaps reluctantly be getting a wax, there are a lot of things to be considered before going in for a full Brazilian wax, ok so here is an advice on how to make bikini waxes less painful and where to get them.

Book an Appointment

Book the appointment with your esthetician or cosmologist who is experienced in bikini waxing, book a time slot in which they are less busy so that they can take much time for you. After booking an appointment consider other things as well.

Keep yourself Hydrated

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated before you get a Bikini wax done. Drink water and also don’t forget to moisturize your skin, use a non- greasy lotion to moisturize and do not use any oil prior to European hard waxing.

Check for Ingrowth

If you have any ingrown hair on the skin to be waxed then you need to exfoliate it. Exfoliation is a must before waxing and be gentle. If you are worried too much about the pain caused by waxing then take an Advil 1 hour before the appointment.

Take a Shower and Trim

Take a shower before the appointment so that you feel clean and hygienic and it also softens the skin and will reduce the pain while waxing. Trim the hair to waxable length i.e. 5-8 mm.

Avoid Taking Alcohol

It is a big no to when you are going in to European hard waxing, as the alcohol or other stimulants like coffee tightens the pores and also dehydrate which means more pain.

Let your Esthetician Know

Tell about your health conditions or allergies to your esthetician before you book an appointment. It is important to tell them about the tropical products you are using such as AHAs or Retin- A which are not compatible with waxing.

What to Expect

First the waxing expert will clean and disinfect the area and then apply the European hard wax and remove small areas of hair at a time. This wax doesn’t require any paper or muslin strips. For the first timers it will not be a very good experience.

The Pain Factor

Waxing is uncomfortable as the hair is being pulled out from the root. The discomfort is caused only at the time of the procedure and stops immediately after.

Post-wax Treatment

The pain does reduces as soon as the wax is over but the area is still sensitive, avoid scrubbing the area for the next 48 hours and wear a cotton panty and wear loose clothing. Taking a shower after waxing is a good idea as it will reduce the inflammation and then apply a light lotion.

Can Bikini Wax Done During the Period?

Yes bikini wax can be done during your period, but the skin is too sensitive during the menstrual cycle and you might want to avoid it as it will be more painful.

So ladies go on and have the European hard waxing for a silky smooth body.