Are you planning to go for a long drive as vacation with friends and colleagues or with family, then you need to have an eye on your vehicle. When you’re planning for a long drive it is necessary to check all the possible properties of your vehicle and working conditions of the vehicle. Most of the people neglect this important point to check the vehicle conditions, but if people may have to face serious problems in the journey. Making the journey safe is a key point here, we may travel a long distance so the vehicle should be in good condition so that we can travel with no fear. Especially in vehicle checking you need to keep these things in mind while checking.

Breaks and Gears

These are very important and crucial parts in the vehicle you need to check before you start your journey, with most of the situations people finds the breaks get failed and ends up hitting something. So in order avoid such damageable incidents you have to check breaks. In some situations the gear box failures in the middle of the journey which leads to lethal damages to both vehicle and people in the vehicle.


Leakages in oil pipes can be very dangerous for travelers at any moment. These leakages can attract any nearest fire ease and that can result in huge exploding. So make sure that all the pipes of oil and are with no leaks and no holes. Block and fix the leakages that can occur in the early times and consult a mechanic about fixing the leaks.

Wheels and Tires

When a vehicle travels thousands of KMs, each and every part of the vehicle becomes little weaker. Coming to the wheels and vehicles, these are important things to move the vehicles so keep these things perfect all the time. The special rubber made tires will get thinner and vulnerable after the vehicle reaches certain Kms of travels, these thin tires will be very vulnerable, can become air explosive when they ran on small stones and any sharp edged things on the roads, so the tires should be replaced with a new one to get a good grip on the road and have a safe trip on the wheels.

You need clean and check wheels also because the wheels are also can be some time get cracked by hitting some hard rocks and stones. So we have to check the stability and standards of the wheels.