As we grow older, most of the functions of our body start to diminish in strength. This makes us susceptible to various problems and conditions, some of them very severe and potentially lethal. Older people can even meet their end when faced with a common cold. However, it is possible to treat most of the symptoms and allow our body to mature gracefully.

                When we talk about women, the most severe change which they are encountering is changes in level of estrogen. As the most important hormone in their body, it is regulating most of the processes and it helps form sexual characteristic. After certain age, this hormone starts to drop drastically which sometimes leads to various issue. It is very common for a female to encounter hot flushes, vaginal dryness and itchiness, increased chance of osteoporosis and drastic loss of libido, all due to the lack of estrogen.

                In the past these changes, although they could seem as minor issue, severely interfered with the quality of life that the women had. As such, the menopause was regarded as almost end of life. Needless to say, hot flushes can be extremely problematic as well as osteoporosis. Luckily today, we are able to counter these issues with hormonal therapy. If the person is regularly using hormonal supplements, she is able to improve inner processes and to counter all before mentioned symptoms. However, it needs to be said that these drugs can cause even greater issue for female body. Basically, it was reported that hormonal therapy can increase chance of cancer, especially breast cancer. So, even if you choose to take this medicine, it is necessary to perform regular controls and report all changes to your physician.

                Although many people perceive estrogen as the main problem during menopause, there is another hormone that rapidly drops during this period. This hormone is called oxytocin and it regulates most of the social behavior. Certain scientists even claim that there is a direct connection between oxytocin and depression. This is because oxytocin hormonal therapy has given amazing results in treating patients with anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression. Hence, it is regarded that lack of oxytocin is direct reason for depression in menopausal women. However, there is still no conclusive evidence to back up this claim.

                At the first glance, social issues can’t even compare to problems caused by lack of estrogen. However, oxytocin is a hormone that regulates bonding and creates a strong connection between spouses, as well as parents and child. Spouses with low level of oxytocin are prone to cheat on their partners because, among other, this hormone influences loyalty towards other people. At the same time, lack of it, can lead to bad relationship with our children where the things that previously bonded us would be put on margin. This is why it is recommended for women to use nasal spray and sublingual drops from Oxytocin Factor. Unlike hormonal therapies that increase level of estrogen, oxytocin therapy hasn’t showed any side-effects.