Whether you just moved or are looking for something more important small house, maybe. There are some tricks well known interior design that designers can use easily with minimal effort and cost. Keep things tidy and dispose of spaciousness it promotes harmony and peace but sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve this goal by providing a few square meters and many belongings.

Writing At some point, we all thought that we lack space at home especially now that increasingly tends to the smaller apartments. Who would not like to have an extra room in the house? Sure most of us could make good use of any extra space. But while I cannot bring up another room in your house as if by magic, yes I can share with these clever ideas to give one room for two different scenarios!

  1. Office in the Closet of the Guest Room

If you do not want to miss the guest room (and believe me you do not want to have your guys sleeping on the couch for a whole weekend) but I am sorry to be so wasted, applies this ingenious idea and transforms the closet of the guest room in an office. When guests come, you close the doors and here nobody saw anything. When the guests leave, you regain your office!

  1. Desk in a Corner of the Room

Instead of placing a rack or a chair in the corner of the room that did not use it, why not put a desk and shelves and turn it into a small office or reading corner?

  1. Game Room in Guest Room

Guest room or playroom for children, Tough choice … except when you can have both! All you need is to add furniture that can serve as a sofa for children and bed for guests.

  1. One Bedroom for Two Children

When there are not enough bedrooms for children usually no problems, right? Not if you apply this idea of dividing the bedroom from two children with curtains, that every man have his personal space and decorate it to your liking.

  1. Office in the Bedroom

If you have no space at home for an office, used the toilet! Placed in different drawers toilet accessories and office supplies, and displays on the dresser which need at that time.

So you have the best of both worlds: a comfortable bedroom and an office practice.