Animation is where motion is provided to otherwise stationary pieces of drawings or entities by means of sophisticated computer techniques and software’s. Modern animation can be either 3D or 2D, where 3D is the most commonly used form of computer graphics. The first complete animated feature from Hollywood came in 1995 in the shape of the worldwide hit ‘Toy Story’ from Pixar. Today animated movies are a major success on the box office with global blockbusters like ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Tangled’ fascinating us with stunning color and immaculate expression. Disney and Pixar are powerhouses in animation and have the biggest pay scales. A number of schools in the US are offering programs in Computer Animation, with the School of Visual Arts, CalArts and Yale being the finest of them.

A Magnetic Field in Terms of Interest and Inclination

Graphics and Animation is one field which easily gathers your interest as a youngster. Video games have always fascinated boys, be it PlayStation or PC versions, they’ve always mustered the highest interest. One gets easily sucked into the idea of pursuing a career in game building. Your major focus can be software engineering or a computers focus, whereas your electives can pertain to animation. Your entire life will revolve around building cartoon or game characters which will never bore you of work. This is a field which will keep you engaged all the time, and the fact that your job will mostly be task-based, you will stay motivated in your work at hand.

Creativity is a Major Component

If you think you’re not creative then this is not the field for you. A career in computer animation heavily depends upon how creative you are. In addition, you need to be super imaginative as well. You should be able to think out of the box and be innovative in your approach. If you can match your thoughts with that of the story in hand and are able to visualize and create characters and scenes, then you can make a very strong case in the field. Other than that, industry always has a place for video game designers. This is one field which requires boundless vision and resourcefulness. But, don’t rush ahead, take it step by step. Get a relevant degree in Graphics Designing or Animation and earn experience before seeking a job in the market.

Heavy Demand and Attractive Pay Scales

We live in the world of visual illusions. The way animation can tantalize us, reality cannot. The bold use of color, the magnificent scenes, the awesome humor and the fabulous expressions of the characters which an animated clip brings forth is unachievable in the real world. Thus, there is a global inclination towards visual effects. A career in the field attracts many industries. Apart from the movie making giants, computer animation finds a special demand in marketing. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be earned through one advertisement project. Even, the developing countries are precipitating their interest in graphics by making cartoons and advertisements of their own.

Here to Stay

With an ever increasing demand and unrelenting interest in the field, computer animation poses an evergreen profile on its existence in the world. Animation is required everywhere. From your college video projects to mighty Hollywood movies, virtual reality and simulations attract the audience’s attention all the time. So, the scope is bright, the future is yours and the demand is rollicking in this era of computer animation.

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Melody Wilson, the author of this guest post, is a constant contributor so many site and sharing her wisdom on the career opportunities in web designing, Explainer Videos and other related fields. She is herself a graduate in Computer Animation and after gaining work experience in the field, she has begun career counseling as well, persuading young minds to take advantage of the era of computer graphics. If you contact to her and share discus about your topic and other without waste a time visit at GPlus and Vidwonders