Ever wondered why some websites are a success and while certain websites simply fail to resonate with their intended audiences? Though content is an integral feature in the success or failure of a website there are several other features including the website design features which are must have for a website to be successful.

The Must Have Website Design Features For A Successful Website

Below we will take a look into some of the key design features that a corporate website design Dubai should take into account while designing a website.

1)   Identify your Target Audience

The first thing to consider while designing a corporate website design Dubai is to identify your target audiences. Wondering what is it all about? Then you need to know that each and every business caters to a specific audience/ target market and knowing exactly what your audience and customers are looking for when they logon to your website is important for an optimal website design.

You will need to take into account several factors including the level of awareness your target audience has, their precise needs and most importantly what they are looking forward to achieve i.e. their objective. Any professional IT solutions company in Dubai will take this factor into account while it commences to design your website.

2)   Quick Loading Time

Any professional web development company Dubai knows the integral role a quick loading time has when it comes to designing your website. Research suggests that nothing puts off a visitor more than a website which takes long to load. Websites which take long to load are known to have a high bounce rate. However, it is not all as visitors are known to possess an aversion for websites which take long to load. Therefore, make sure that your website loads quickly so customers may not bounce from it or avoid logging on to it in the future.

3)   Easy Navigation

Any professional IT solutions company in Dubai would tell you that easy navigation is another integral factor to look out for when designing a business website. A good, clear and easy navigation can boost your website visitors. Similarly, a difficult navigation which makes it confusing or time consuming for visitors to reach the desired information is more than likely to put off the visitors and prevent them from visiting the website again. Most businesses have started making use of site map for this purpose. There are several benefits associated with using site map most prominent of these being the accessibility and traffic it enjoys from visitors and the search engine bolts.

4)    Call to Action

What is it that you are looking to achieve through your website? Is your website an e-commerce website which is aimed at encouraging online purchases? Then make it easy for your visitors to purchase from your website. Besides, render it easy for your visitors and customers to contact you or reach out to you by displaying your contact information prominently on the web pages rather making it a task for them to reach and find your contact information on the websites. Another effective way is to invite customers to subscribe to your newsletter through e-mail.  In short, make the call to action easy for your visitors and make sure they remain connected with you. Similarly, you can also use social media buttons to keep them connected with you.

Final Thought

These are a few website design features which any professional web development company Dubai will take into account while it proceeds to design your website.