When you have chosen commerce as your stream of study, you get a variety of options to choose from, for your career. Now, when you are on the verge of completing your graduation, the question “what after this?” worries you. It is indeed a significant issue for you to decide upon what career to choose after you graduate.

Being in the commerce field, you get lots of options of pursuing your career further in the same stream. Moreover, it is one of the most significant decisions of your career life, as your future entirely depends on what you choose. It means that after completing your B.Com, you get a wide range of alternatives from which you can select the best one suitable to your goals and future requirements.

Carefully Choose The Career After Graduation

Let us discuss a few of the popularly chosen career alternatives which will guide you through taking your decision.

Chartered Accountant (CA) or Company Secretary (CS)

A majority of the students take up commerce only to become CA or CS. It is one of the most popular alternatives that people select to have a great career and a handsome-salaried job. But, it is also one of the most difficult careers to get through. It takes all your hard efforts to clear the exams of this degree course. Very few students successfully get through this course. But, the ones who are once successful, have great options of handsome-salaried jobs.

Chartered Accountants get to opt for various career options like Banking (Private & Government), Public Limited Companies, Auditing Firms, Finance Companies, Legal Firms, Mutual Funds, Broking Firms, Patent Firms, Investment Houses, Copyright Registers, and more.

Masters in Commerce

After graduating, you can also opt to pursue a Master’s degree and then apply for National Eligibility Test, also known as NET, and become an Assistant Professor. People/students who think to have a stable income or a salary can select this career. Moreover, if you select to become a lecturer, you also get an opportunity to increase your knowledge constantly.

Masters in Business Administration

It is also known as MBA, and just like CA/CS, most of the commerce students opt to pursue a career in this Masters degree. You can also go for Career Counselling For MBA.

When you pursue MBA, you get a wide range of career options to choose from and earn a handsome salary. Moreover, you also get alternatives in this degree course to again choose according to your job requirements. For example, you can specialise on any subject in this course and get a job on that basis.

Human Resource Development Management

Students who have done their B.Com can choose to pursue their Masters in Human Resource Management also. Within this course, you get to learn the policies relating to personnel management and describe their effect on roles and management of the company.

Moreover, there four career opportunities available for HR: Administrative Services Manager, Labour Relations Specialist, Human Resources Specialists, Training and Development Managers.

Chief Accountant/Chief Internal Auditor

It is again a good choice for the commerce graduates to pursue. It is also known as Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI). Also, after completing ICWAI, you can apply for M.Phil. Or PhD or even take up a job of a Financial Controller, Cost Controller, Chief Internal Auditor and Chief Accountant and more.

Moreover, there different levels like Foundation, intermediate and final examinations and three years of practical training. People with this career have bright job options with handsome salary packages.

With the options discussed above, you have not only a bright future in the field of commerce, but also you are bound to have great job options that will give you handsome earning.