Merchants who sell their products to customers via multiple channels may have to deal with a number of tasks including shipping operations, storing the products, accounting, marketing and many more. In order to make the task easier, most of them hire fulfillment services. These services can prove to be of immense help in a number of tasks.

Services Offered by Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment companies offer a number of services. The main ones include:

Storage and Warehousing

These companies provide storage and warehousing facilities to the merchants. Merchants can store their products in the warehouses of these fulfillment service companies by paying a monthly fee and handling charges for every item stored.

Packing Goods

Most fulfillment companies provide the service of pick and pack. On receiving an order from a customer, these companies pick the item from the store and pack it for shipping. The companies usually levy a fee on the basis of every item packed.

Shipping Services

Few fulfillment services also provide the facility of shipping goods on behalf of the merchants. These companies usually have tie ups with various companies. They can hence allow merchants to take advantage of lower rates for shipping their goods to customers.

Order Tracking

Order tracking has become an important aspect of E commerce. Nowadays, most fulfillment companies provide this service. Through the medium of this service, customers can easily track their orders. This offers convenience to the customers and hence helps in winning their loyalty.

Drop Shipping Services

For merchants who ship to international locations, drop shipping services provided by fulfillment companies prove useful. Under the service, the fulfillment companies combine various orders in a single shipment which is then dispatched to the chosen location.

This saves money in the form of lower brokerage time and also reduces the transit time. Through this service, customers based in various international locations can receive the ordered products on time.

Kitting Services

Fulfillment companies offer the service of combining various products in kits. Customers may order certain products in combination in order to avail discounts. The kitting services provided by the companies helps to increase the revenue earned by merchants as the demand for products increases owing to the discount offered.

Rebate Management

Fulfillment companies offer various mechanisms using which merchants can offer rebates to their customers. The companies maintain rebate information and also calculate the eligible amount. This facility offers much convenience to merchants and customers.

Return Orders

Many times, merchants may have to deal with issues regarding return of defective or inappropriate products. Many companies offer services regarding pick up of such orders and inspecting them for defects.

Few Reasons to Hire Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment companies provide a number of services. Merchants hire them for the following reasons:

  • They enable merchants to handle orders in times of peak demand.
  • Using the services provided by fulfillment companies, merchants can lower their shipping costs.
  • Merchants can explore new markets for selling their products.
  • Hiring the services of these companies allows merchants to focus on developing new and quality products.

Fulfillment companies provide a number of benefits to merchants. They can increase the growth prospects for merchants.

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