Planning for a stag do destination may seem daunting, but exciting at the same time. Be it just for the night or the weekend, there are many options to choose from and have a blast just the same. If you have the budget (and the time), you can plan a month long getaway because it’s not every day that your buddy gets hitched.

Since it’s the last chance for the groom-to-be to enjoy his singledom, it falls upon his friends to throw him a stag party that he will remember forever! And because you have only one shot at getting it right, having a really good time together becomes the need of the hour.

Most of the stag parties are settled with a few rounds of beer, music and a load of great activities. However, if you are not sure about where to start the hunt from, the whole process becomes quite challenging to organise. So, here is a combined list of the ultimate destinations that can give your buddy an once-in-a-lifetime stag do experience!


With a vast range of activities and pulsating nightlife, Cardiff has all that is expected from a stag do location. From clubs, museums, shops and theatres to more than 330 parks and gardens, the capital of Wales is the ideal venue to explore exciting events and have fun.

There are a several places to stay in Cardiff for when going for a stag do and various self-catering options where all of you can stay together. Some of these even include hot tubs and games rooms – it’s the complete package!

Other than that, there are plenty of activities to enjoy ranging from the extreme white-water rafting, quad biking and coast-steering to the more chilled golfing days, city treasure hunts and cocktail making classes.

Be sure to make bookings well in advance to guarantee your space, particularly if your group is going to be large.

Las Vegas

One of the most famous cities of the world – Las Vegas is “the location” where you will never have a shortage of options for excess mischief or self-indulgence. Vegas not only has the best parties in the world, but it also features crazy and diverse clubbing scene, the best pool parties on earth and of course the obvious gambling fun.

Additionally, if you’re looking to give the groom a completely different kind of experience, it offers some miscellaneous activities like going to Cirque du Soleil, jumping off from a plane, a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, or hitting the racetrack at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. No matter what kind of atmosphere you want it to be, chances are Vegas has what you need in spades.


Melbourne’s entrepreneurial nightlife is stiff, making it a city of hipsters and mixologists. It has many distinct and intriguing bars, clubs and everything in between to make your stag party quite adventurous!.

Culture is its other strong suit with the big galleries and museums all accommodated in the CBD’s Federation Square. A little more out you will find mesmerising spaces like the Gertrude Contemporary – a giant converted warehouse in the boho suburb of Fitzroy.

Another best way to enjoy your stag party is to go for a booze cruise on the Ybarra River. Leave at sunset so you can admire its beauty from the cruise and then party like rock stars into the wee hours of the morning. Dancing the night away is a lot of fun, and your friend will get to make the most of his freedom as a bachelor.


Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most glamorous cities packed with beauty, history, sensuality and decadence. It has everything you can dream of for a stag party all in one amazing location.

A visit there not only includes of the beautiful vistas, world class museums, and crazy street performances in practically every corner, but also plenty of exciting mischief hidden within.

Visit any of the city’s cafes and you will enjoy one of many types of edible or smoke-able cannabis. The nightclub parties are also world class, and you’ll find plenty of crazy bashes to give the groom a night he won’t forget any time soon.

One of its beer bike parties is bachelor parties is something that you should definitely join in. It’s just like moving bars where everyone will peddle together while you get a tour of the city in the best possible way, and that is with a beer in your hand! Your joy will know no bounds as you reach the extremities with your indulgence in one of these activities.


From cultural offerings such as West End theatre shows, to themed bars and even a boat hotel on the Thames, the heart of England provides some unique experiences of a lifetime.  No matter what the groom’s style is, whether he wants a weekend of laid back sightseeing or fast-paced action, London has it all.

You can either charter down  River Thames for an adrenaline-fuelled experience, or see the city from above in a private London Eye capsule complete with brunch. Or if you’re looking to do some exploring on foot, walk down the streets and you are sure to spot some cafes, bars and pubs that you can stay in at later on.

Being one of the top voted stag do venues, it glows up with colourful lightings when night falls. For a more sophisticated evening, try organising a private casino table or head to The Piano Works (a live music club).

Rio de Janeiro

Bright and beautiful Rio is always found in the mood to celebrate mode and hence you don’t really need to choose the right time or month to visit. Sprawling in the beating tropical sun after a swim on Copacabana beach, with Caipirinha in hand is really soothing way to spend the last few days of your buddy’s singledom.

Rio is a place where you can’t stay away from music, dance and parties. So it’s definitely an opportunity to learn how to do the Samba and show off your moves. With a list of craft cocktails, you will definitely love to hit Rio’s Scenarium nightclub.

It’s one of the best places to go for a night out, where you will find a friendly and captivating culture. It’s also a nice way to add some Rio tradition in the stag party night!

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is home to the Famous PETRONAS Twin Towers which is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit. Jam-packed with cross cultural traditions and cuisine, and a lively nightlife, Kuala Lumpur offers a huge variety of outstanding ideas to make your stag party unforgettable.

This exquisite destination has many night clubs where you can shake up some cocktails and match your dance moves to the grooving music. Or, if you want to experience the good old days, then Kuala Lumpur has plenty of rural landscapes and beaches where you can go camping and enjoy a bonfire with some roasted meat.

Nothing feels good than camping with your best mates!

Running off to stag parties in unknown countries can often be a bit of a gamble, but don’t worry because this list has the best and the brightest of the world’s send-offs. From seaside stunners and cultural heavens to the best of pubbing and clubbing, these once-in-a-lifetime stag do destinations will leave the entire gang happy and yearning for more.