The cover of a book is a very crucial part of your reading experience. The cover of the book is the first thing every reader sees. It therefore has the potential of convincing you to read it or exchange it for another book. Below is a list of the top most beautiful book covers in 2016. Some of them are inspiring, others really crazy, creative and interesting. Some of the book covers on this list have even become as famous as the books themselves.

Hurt People

The cover of this book looks like crumpled piece of paper with a cassette image on it. This book clearly represents what the title of the book is. The book is titles “Hurt People”. From the crumpled appearance on the cover, you get a feeling of what it feels like to be hurt. When you are hurt, it sought of feels like someone has taken your heart and crumpled it like that paper.

This book’s cover therefore speaks a lot concerning the title and it sparks an emotion even before you read it. This is something rare to find in most book covers and it is the main reason why this cover is on this list.

The Mother

A mother is many things to different people. She is a comforter, a care giver, an advisor, a protector, a shoulder to cry on and so much more. A book with the title “The Mother” ought to have a cover that brings forth the image one would have of a mother. The cover of the book features a woman with messy hair and a cup on her hand.

This is a great portrayal of a mother. They rarely have time to take care of themselves but they go on through life without any complaints. This is another book you will want to read just after seeing the cover.

Top Most Beautiful Book Covers In 2016

The Children’s Home

A home for many people is where you feel secure, loved and protected. It is also a place where you know you can run to any time. The cover of this book however gets you thinking of a different kind of home that is not as happy or safe as most people would like their homes to be.

This is because it features a photo frame that is broken and intertwined like tree branches at the bottom. This shows a lot of trouble and it also brings a lot of thought into your mind before you even read the book.

How to Smoke Pot (Properly)

Anyone who asks a question that begins with how is normally looking for an easy answer and a guide that will solve their problem in simple steps. This is a book about how to smoke pot properly. The cover features three simple stps on how to use it. Anyone would read this book because even the cover tells you it will be a quick and easy to understand read.


In conclusion, we are advised not to judge a book by its cover and use paper editing services if you want to wtite your own book. However, this is very hard to do because the cover is the first thing you see. These are the top most beautiful covers in 2016 that you will definitely enjoy.

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