We may have seen beautifully decorated small greening beautiful trees in some of our relatives or friends’ houses. Have you ever had planned to pick up some small trees to grow on your balcony which makes the environment in the home look beautiful and gives pleasure for your eyes. There many flowers, vegetable and decoration related trees you can pickup put them in your balcony, but are they just for show case? Check these following small plants which can give you multiple benefits of having them in your balcony along with beautiful appearance.

Spider Plant

It is considered as most adoptable/gardening plant in the houses. It looks so beautiful, you can enjoy by looking at its every leaf. It looks so adorable and delicate, it can grow into different kinds of conditions and can only effected by few problems from small insects. After it starts to grow the leafs spreads around the pot like spider legs. It is available in two distinct colors.

English Ivy

It has fast grown rate, you have to keep an eye it. There is no need doing bigger work to grow this plant just you need a bottle to plant the tree and little sun light area on your balcony. The tree has a great appearance effect when you see it, but you need to handle it carefully because of its spreading characteristic. On periodic timing you need to cut down excessive tree parts other it can occupy entire roof but another advantage of its spearing character is we get shadow on glasses in hot summer conditions.

Beautiful Small Trees You Can Grow On Balcony


It is one of the most popular plants for balconies which have plenty of sunlight. The plant gives so many beautiful eye feasting colorful flowers which can melt your heart. It will surprise you with new blossoms throughout the year. A small amount of work you need to do for keeping the beautiful plants in their beautiful condition is you have to water them every three to four days. These are available in a variety colors and blossoms you can easily change them every year to keep your balcony look fresh and up to date for everyday. These are gorgeous, eye feasting, colorful and spreads fragrance.

Other than these we can also use plants of vegetables like tomatoes, coriander, curry leaves, rosemary and others.