We consider all renovations to be divided into two groups: group one is the major renovation when even windows are left nothing but gaping holes in the wall. In this case you need a complete replacement. EVERYTHING ELSE automatically falls in group two – and a slight repair might be just enough.

What if you are the group one lucky member? Then you come across the fact that you need to choose between vinyl and wooden frame windows. Let us compare.

1. The materials

Wooden windows talk for themselves – wood is chosen to be the main material. Sometimes covered with aluminum and always need to be painted. Thorough maintenance recommended. Vinyl ones, from the other hand – in almost all cases made of PVC. Nearly no maintenance at all.

2. Style / Finishing / Color

If you choose wood – not a lot of options actually. Transparent finish or paint. Nothing more. Vinyl windows nowadays have wide variety of colors and white ones will be just the choice that saves you a lot of time spent in the home supply store.

3. Maintenance and repairs. Vinyl windows do not need any paint. All you have to preserve is the metal moving part. As long as it’s okay – the windows are okay. Wood from the other hand – DO NEED painting and probably sealing. And we do not mean only while installing them,no. During lifetime! FOREVER in other words.

4. Insulation issue. If you installed a good quality vinyl window – you don’t need to worry about insulation at all. It must be good enough – if you don’t live on the North Pole of course. Wooden windows are good insulation solution as well. So in this case it is a draw – and everything depends on your taste and wallet. After all – if you are a lover of the latest and greatest in the window technologies – you know what to do. Same is true for the woodcraft fans.

5. Cost without labor expenses. Vinyl is ALWAYS cheaper – no matter what the manufacturers will say on TV. The reason is – synthetic materials are produced in larger quantities and do not have to grow in the forrest for 50 years. It’s all you need to know. No need to explain that ALL natural materials in the world are costlier than any of their artificial relatives.

We really hope the above information was useful and the hard daily choice of window materials became a little easier for you. See you on these pages soon!

6. How they look like? If we take vinyl ones – they look… Just FAIR. No more or less. Strict, practical, do their thing. Wood? It looks GORGEOUS – if chosen properly and maintained well. Again – no matter what they say – wood means WOOD. End of discussion.

This guest post is provided by Apex Window Werks, company that provides home window replacement services as well as repairs. Broken glass replacement is also part of their job, as well as fittings repairs and windows defogging. Visit their website for more details.