The best way to build a perfect your machine is assembling it yourself. Let others say what they want to, it is much straightforward and easier than it looks. If you are a newbie as far as PC building is concerned, this process simply involves selection, purchase and assembling them all together. If you select right parts for your PC, you will surely end up in building a fast gaming computer at the best value.

Advantages of Building Your Own PC

There are a lot of reasons that will compel you to go for customized PCs.Listed are the chief advantages of building A Customized gaming machine:

Beginners’ Guide To Building Custom Gaming PCs

If you are in a favor of having a high-performance assembled especially for gaming, then building your beast is the best available option. Along with better performance, you can save a lot of your greenback by purchasing quality components at reasonable prices. A customized PC for gaming is always cost-efficient in the face of buying a system that is pre-built. Moreover, while choosing your components and assembling your PC by yourself, gain a lot of valuable knowledge regarding PC hardware and how your machine works on the inside.
All these advantages are quite enough to let you know the upper hand of custom gaming PC over a pre-built system. Furthermore, it will make you feel good when you assemble and customize your gaming PC.

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Confused about choosing a right set of components for your ultimate gaming PC? No problem, following guide will help you assist in clearing your confusion and selecting the right set of components for your custom gaming PC.


For the purpose of gaming, there is a need of a CPU with a capability to run the latest games smoothly. Best options available for gaming enthusiasts are Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7
For gaming, you will need a capable CPU in your system to be able to run the latest games smoothly. Either the Intel Core i5 or the Intel Core i7 series of processors for gaming. They are the most popular and provide the best performance for your money at the time of writing. Selecting anyone from the given options would depend on the need of your requirements. Intel Core i7 is a little faster than i5; however, it would be a bit expensive.


When it comes to selecting a suitable motherboard for you gaming PC, there are several things to be considered. The motherboard should be compatible with the CPU you plan to use. It is very simple; you just need to make sure that the selected CPU and motherboard have the same ‘processor interface’. Secondly, the motherboard should be able to support the DDR3 RAM(best suited for gaming). Also, make sure to have enough PCI-Express slots according to your needs.
Since motherboard is one of the essential part of your gaming PC, it would be suggested to you to purchase the best motherboard that you can easily afford. Some of the best companies include ASUS, Intel, Gigabyte, EVGA and  MSI to name a few.


You may wonder: How much RAM is best for gaming? The answer to your question is simple, as much as you can afford! Adding memory will not help in enhancing the performance of your games, however, it will boost up other applications and programs as well. That is to say, the more the capacity of RAM, the better would be the experience. Keeping in mind the current prices of RAM these days, you can add RAM to the system in order to increase the performance.

Hard Drive

In a gaming PC, where you’ll be installing games that occupy large spaces, it would be suitable to purchase a hard drive with a capacity of more than  250GB. Try Sticking to genuine manufacturers like Kingston, Corsair, Patriot, and OCZ.

Graphics Card

There are certain features that need to be considered as far as the selection of video card is concerned. It would be recommended to you to have a graphic card with the 2GB of video RAM as it is the minimum for gaming purpose noways. However, A 4GB or more capacity graphics card can be considered if someone wants to play games flawlessly on high visual resolutions.

Moreover, it should support the latest DirectX technology to make it render all the features that developers use. Along with it, your video card should be support HDMI to give you an unimaginable experience of gaming. Major players in the industry are none other than nVidia and ATI.


Along with motherboard capability, your motherboard should have a proper airflow for cooling down your system. Furthermore, additional fan ports should be available if you needed to add some in the future. Several other factors include design, Drive Bays, and Cable Management.

On the top of these components, devices required includes keyboard,  mouse, monitor, DVD burner/ along with an operating system(Windows 7 or above)

Having read this guide to build your customized gaming PC, you can now start assembling the computer of your dreams. Let’s get moving!