Whether you need a costume for a theme party or for your child’s school play, you can choose to make a costume or buy one. While there are some people creative enough to make costumes, most people would rather buy one to save time. These three tips can help you properly fit a premade costume.

3 Tips For Buying A Properly Fitting Costume

Take Your Measurements

Costumes are available in standard clothing sizes, so if you’re not sure what your child’s size is or your own, take his or her measurements or have someone take yours. When taking measurements, wear form-fitting clothing so that the measurements are accurate. Measure around the chest, the waist, the hips, the length of the torso, and the length of the inseam if the costume has pants or tights.

Order a Size up

If your or your child’s measurements are in between whole sizes, then place an order for the next larger size. By doing this, the costume will fit more comfortably and it will be easier to move around in it while having fun at the party or while performing on stage. Most stores selling fancy dress in Essex will have a variety of costumes from which to choose, but if they don’t have what you need in stock, you can order one in the proper size.

Order Online

To find a larger selection of costumes in different sizes, you should look for a store selling costumes online. If you’re not in a rush to have the costume in hand, an online store is less apt to sell out of styles and sizes than a brick and mortar location. When ordering online, you can read the size charts to find the right fit after having your measurements taken.

When ordering your costume, don’t forget to finish it off with any accessories it doesn’t already include.