If you have ever experienced a true episode of anxiety, you know that it is a mental illness with which many people have to deal every day, caused by different factors. Of course this is not normal feeling that all experience anxiety sometimes when we want a highly anticipated event arrives or a class finally ends.

If this type of anxiety negatively affects all aspects of people. Then I’ll tell you how to live in that state of anxiety.

How it Feels

Although it is an increasingly common condition, and also relates to the way of life we lead today stress we suffer, to each of the victims of this experience it is very difficult to put into words true feelings.

There is No Single Anxiety

What we can say is that it is very debilitating both physically and mentally. However, there is no single way of living, each person with anxiety suffers different feelings, you can define and describe in many ways, depending on the individual.

Why we should understand

It is extremely necessary that we understand how these people feel, to get in place at least a second and understand. Furthermore it is not a process that can be explained simply and there is no single way to fight it is a highly personal condition.

Personality Affected

Those experiencing this disorder are affected by this all his life, unlike those who have normal anxiety from time to time but nevertheless went ahead with our lives. Dealing with the pathological condition involves feeling many discouraging feelings that do not allow the person to continue with their lives as usual.


When anxiety attacks them feel a lot of insecurity, invade small messages in your head that tell them to not be with their dreams and ambitions, and their self-esteem is demolished, costing much join forces to overcome.


This mental condition also affects their self-confidence, knocking her completely, making it believe it will fail in everything we try. Nothing but thoughts constantly demotivating.

Perhaps you go

One of the worst news is that anxiety sufferers never know when they will return. There are medications, but it is very difficult to predict it will recover at some point, because many external factors influence which can affect anyone.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you know someone who suffers from anxiety try to support him and give many forces so you can feel better and get through those very frustrating moments.