With bigger butts in fashion, every girl is yearning to be the next “Kim Kardashian”. A butt that is curvy, bulky and well rounded attracts  most eyeballs. The internet is flooded with solutions to get a bigger butt. These solutions consist of exercising, using creams and pills. Most of them give you 100% surety of a positive response. But it is up to the consumer to choose which is best for them from a plethora of options available. Sometimes wrong choices can turn out to be very expensive. We have formed the do’s and dont’s when it comes to butt enhancement.

 The Unending Debate : Natural vs Cosmetic, Which Is A Better Way To Enhance Butts?

Things That Can be Done

  • Exercises- Exercising your butt out is the safe option for achieving the desired butt. In this process you are going through a tremendous physical workout in which all the muscles are put to use collectively. Exercising does not have any negative effects on the body. Essentially include workouts in your daily routine. Exercising gives shape to the muscles, hence making the butt round. Some of the common exercises that help in building a bigger butt are squats, lunges, leg lifts. To give you a reality check, no matter how much work out is being done by you, butt size is dependent on the genes. If the odds are in your genes, then no matter how hard you  try, The J Lo butt will remain a dream.  You can still keep trying and patiently work towards your goal.
  • Surgery (Transferring Fat)-  Also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, this option is best if you want fast and quick  results. In this effective strategy, fat will be extracted from different parts of the body. These parts can be thighs and stomach. The fat will be processed and then transferred to the buttocks. This procedure has dual advantage of not only enhancing the butt, but also slimming the body.  
  • Surgery ( Butt Implant)- Transferring fat is not possible from slim girls. Therefore the second option is silicone butt implants. These are made of semi solid silicone rubber. Silicone butt implants is an option that is beneficial in a llong term.It is infused in the body through the tailbone.  But one thing that can be a cause of tension is that these silicon implants can only be inserted in the upper buttocks and can result in nerve damage. Fat injections are accompanied with this surgery.

Things that can be Avoided

  • Creams- As opposed to the claims made by butt enhancement creams, they remain ineffective and not worthy of the money spent. Applying creams everyday in a circular motion will help only in reducing the cellulite but not provide you with a curvy and round butt. There can be seen a reduction in stretch marks and sagging. It is important for a consumer to judge if the quality of a cream is up to the mark or not. Some creams are attached with a workout routine, following which can give you desired results.  Check the reviews of creams before buying them. Do not fooled by comments written below the product. Sometimes they are misleading and written by the manufacturers themselves.
  • Pills- Just like creams, pills are equally worthless. Just the way a pill cannot bring back your los hair or loose the weight, it cannot give you a sexier butt. Even Kim Kardashian refused to endorse for these pills, questioning their validity.

Wrap Up

Try sticking to the methods discussed above. Apart from practising the proven methods, pay equal  amount of attention to your diet. If you are going for any kind of surgery, prefer going to a reputed doctor. You can use creams as an additional alternative, but do not fully be dependent on them.