Do you want to know who the current male volleyball players are this year?  For sure, you are excited to know if these gorgeous and hot men are single or not.  To excite you even more, all this male volleyball players are certified bachelors, available and oh so ready to mingle. Hence, for those you are avid fans of any of these hottest male volleyball players today then they can still fantasize about their idols.

The Finest Male Volleyball Players In 2014

If they want to send any goods or messages of admirations, that is very easy. There are cheap couriers and you could for instance send a parcel to Spain (when they play in Spain) to surprise them. To finally know the finest male volleyball players today, here are they:

  1. Matt Anderson. Born on April 18, 1987 in New York, USA, Matthew John Anderson is a known volleyball player all over America.  He is a member of the men’s national volleyball team in United States. His parents are Nancy and Michael Anderson. He is as well a participant in the London 2012, NORCECA Champion 2013 and Olympics Games.  From the World League 2014 and Pan-American Cup 2008, he both received a gold medal.  The passion to volleyball started out when Matt was in senior high school.  He has been the leader to enormous volleyball tournaments, making him develop and improve his skills. Later in time, he has been part of the national volleyball team representing his country to other volleyball tournaments all over the world.
  2. Gavin Schmitt. Born on the 27th of January, 1986, Gavin Charles Schmitt is a volleyball player with a Canadian nationality. Some of the clubs in which he has been part of is Samsung Bluefangs (South Korea 2009-2010), Arago de Sete (France 2008-2009) and the Ethnikos Alexandroupolis (Greece 2007-2008).  Positioning in the right side, Gavin is infamous for his speed and strength.  Over time, he has improved his volleyball skills from various local and international tournaments. As of the moment, he belongs to the Arkas Izmir club.
  3. Ivan Castellani.  This 23 years old gorgeous guy was born on January 19, 1991 in Padua, Italy. He is an Argentine volleyball player.  He is the son of another famous Argentine volleyball player, Daniel Castellani who has received Olympic medal for his excellence. Ivan has joined the team which came 2nd to in the Niteroi 2011 and World Youth Championship (U-21) in Rio de Janeiro.  Career of Castellani started out in his country of Argentina.  He played for 1st division league playing for Drean Bolivar and UPCN.
  4. Mike Di Carlo. Mike Di Carlo is a model and volleyball player. He became famous for he does not only have the skills in the sport but as the looks that makes girls swoon over him.  Both on the volleyball court and camera/runway, he depicts the total package that can work for the best.
  5. Michael Kadziola.  Born on May 28, 1989, Michael Christopher Kadziola is a Polish volleyball player.  Together with James Kadziola, they won the crown for master Universiade in Shenzhen 2011, in Blackpool 2009 and in Myslowice 2007.  Michael has won a lot of awards since his skills and passion to the game shows every time he is in court. Added by his good looks, this made him even more famous in volleyball this year.