Birds are one of the beautiful pets you would like to have at home. Like fishes they are great in their looks. Furthermore, their signature wings are uniquely textured and colored to be classic. Birds have one of a kind voice that makes them distinctive from one another. With training many birds have been able to talk human language in a very fluent manner. If you have made up your mind to buy a bird for a pet and are not sure what to do or how to select, here are a few simple tips that may help you. There are a variety of birds you can choose from. With a little bit of research you will know different types of birds that are available in the market. But just entering a shop and purchasing the most adorable bird will not help. Unlike dogs, birds have a longer life expectancy. They live as long as 50 years or even longer. Also most of the birds are noisy. They are chirpy and noisy that can irk your neighbors, but if you can manage them, there is nothing better than that.

Before you go for a bird, you should ensure if you are well equipped with all the amenities your prospective pet will need. A cage or aviary is a must. Birds are known for their intelligence. They may want you to provide them some puzzles otherwise they will go into depression and lethargy. Some birds will not stay alone. They are best grown together as a couple, this way they will be happy even if you are not at home for a long time. Most importantly you should take care of the food for your bird. Finches, pigeons, blue chaffinch, crowned pigeon, doves, parrots, African greys parrots, amazon parrots, caiques, canaries, cockatiels, cockatoo, conures, macaws, parotlet, parakeet, pionus, and rosella are a few birds that are grown as pets at home. Pigeons are the oldest types of birds used as pets. They have been known in the history as messengers. Parrots are another favourite that can be bread in temperate climate. African grey parrots can mimic human language and other birds.