Everything is going high-tech these days and nowhere is that more apparent than the fitness and sports industry. The human body is the most complex machine on the planet, but product developers are figuring out new ways to utilize the latest technology to enhance our performance.

And this high-tech training gear isn’t just for professional athletes. Everyday fitness fanatics, walkers, hikers – basically anyone that likes to stay active and exercise can benefit from the latest fitness products. They’ll help you maximize the gains minute-by-minute, improve your health and avoid injuries all at the same time.

Performance Compression Products

Even socks are becoming more advanced and performance enhancing. Therafirm.com has developed numerous product lines of compression socks and sleeves that are designed specifically for athletic wear. The socks use gradient compression that puts the most pressure at the ankles to promote blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue. The improved circulation also helps with oxygenation so that athletes have better endurance.

Super Advanced Athletic Shoes

Millions have been poured into research and development to discover designs, materials and features that make athletic shoes more comfortable, supportive and performance-driven. Shoemakers are using data, much of which is gathered through wearable technology, to design athletic shoes that can actually improve how we move.

How The Latest Technology Is Improving The Way Athletes Train

One of the most noteworthy athletic shoes available today is the Adidas Ultra Boost. Last year the company unveiled their new thermoplastic polyurethane foam, which has a better energy return than the EVA foam used in 95% of trainers. The new Ultra Boost line boasts 20% more cushion than previous models, a built-in torsion system for stability and a heel that adapts to movement.

Another advanced trainer comes from Brooks. Their Guide Rail System is built around the shoe to keep a runner’s form where it needs to be even as fatigue starts to set in. The support of the system also helps with stabilization when you make quick turns, stops and pivots.

These improvements aren’t just about sprinting faster or jumping higher. They can also help wearers avoid sidelining themselves with foot, knee and ankle injuries.

Even Smarter Fitness Trackers

In the last few years so many fitness trackers have become available it’s hard to decide which one is the best – and there’s a good chance the technology will continue to improve. If you are serious about increasing performance and sticking to health goals a fitness tracker is a must.

Fitbit used to reign supreme in the fitness tracker world, but now they have a lot of competition. Jawbone has also put out some solid products in recent years, and many consider the Jawbone UP2 to be the standout basic model.

But no fitness tracker offers the versatility of Moov Now. For one, it can be worn in the water, which makes it the go-to for swimmers. Where Moov Now really stands out for all athletes is in its advanced training plans. The tracker reads and analyzes your movements and vitals to make suggestions on how you can improve during different types of exercise. It also offers words of encouragement as you work out. Essentially it’s not just a tracker, it’s also a coach.

These are just three examples of how technology is beginning to go offline to help us improve our athleticism and health. The best part is the more we use and wear these products the more information manufacturers can gain and the better the products will become.