When you look forward to a holiday destination, there are certain criterias you consider first before choosing your destination. While some may have the most historically rich monuments, they will lack in the modern advancement or the fun and nightlife that you get from the other cities. And while some have the best nightlife, there may not be something much to see in the city, while some may  not have all those. they will have a picturesque landscape with a serene environment perfect for a rejuvenating for a perfect break.

Bangalore does not have a rich a huge assortment of historical places but it has some of the best modern man made wonders you can find anywhere in India. Bangalore, also known as the IT capital of India, the Garden city of India and the Silicon Valley of India, is one of the most visited cities in India. The added advantage of this destination is the many interesting places around that make for the perfect getaway. One of the most sought after beach party destination in India, Pondicherry, is situated near this city. Pondicherry has a civilian airport too which only caters to Bangalore to Pondicherry flights and presence of flight service makes it even more convenient for travellers.

Bangalore - A Transition Of A City Through TIme And Tide

Bangalore is a fine example of development along with the preservation of the natural beauty of the place. Although very developed through and through, there is not a part in the city where you would not find greeneries. The roads are small but the sights of boulevards are a normal experience in Bangalore. There is no specific time to visit the city as the climate is pleasant throughout the year and the city is as busy as it always is the whole year round. There are some famous amusement parks nearby the city which is a crowd favorite especially the ones travelling with the whole family. There are many open hangout and picnic places you can find around Bangalore in addition to the various trekking and camping sites.

Bangalore proudly plays home to one of the biggest and the best airports in India. The Kempegowda International Airport set 30 kms away from the city is one of the busiest airports with both domestic and international flights flying in and out on a regular basis. Flights far and near go in and out of this airport on a daily basis. The most common route towards the East are the Bangalore to Patna flights.