Paying Guest accommodation has always been a relief for the students as well as aspiring professional since it provides them with the opportunity of making an affordable living at any city out of homeland. Presently with the diversified career opportunities people are relocating from their home town to different cities. For instance, IT aspirants shifting to Bangalore, media and creative people prefer Mumbai as their work place and so on and so forth, up – swinging the demand for paying guest accommodation in Bangalore as well as other respective cities are also.

Even if you are opting for PG accommodation in Bangalore or any other city, ensure that the documentations are properly done for a hassle free living. The documentations are required to be done for both the parties to ensure the avoidance of any nuisance in the future. There are some document required for both the parties and couple of them are required to be produced by the tenants and the landlords like

NOC – No Objection Certificate

NOC mainly implies that the landlord has no objection that a particular tenant is using his premise for particular period of time against a specific amount of money. This certificate has the list of do’s and don’ts from the landlord’s side

What Documentations Do You Need For A Paying Guest Agreement?


Agreement is a legal document features the rent amount, tenure, the deposits and the period of time the paying guest can use the premise, the name of both the parties and certain clauses for both the parties in due interest

Address Proof

This implies the original address proof of the prospective tenant who would be putting up as a paying guest. Generally it validates the authenticity of the person

Photo Id Proof

Another way of just validating the trustworthiness of the tenant. These are the precautionary measures taken beforehand to avoid unnecessary situations

Both the tenants and the landlords should check their basic KYC documents to ensure the credibility of each other…since prevention is always better than cure

Letter from College or Office

Anyone opting for PG accommodation will be either working or the studying, hence it is always advisable to get a letter from the college or office mentioning the association of the particular person with that institution


Photos are required in the process of drafting the NOC and Agreement. Even all the above mentioned documents are required to process the NOC as well as the agreement

Another subtle stuff the landlord need to be sure about the financial character of the tenant, to ensure that the rent flows in time as well the other commercials involved. On the other hand, the tenant should be bit alert while dealing with the landlord and try to understand the temperament of the landlord, since no one prefers a nagging landlord. PG accommodation comes with certain house rules and you are required to abide by the rules. While dealing with the PG agreement, make sure that you discuss the inclusions too which includes meals and other amenities like wifi, laundry, parking etc