Varanasi is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places to visit on a weekend. Walking through the streets of Varanasi, you’re taken away by the calmness and stillness of the city. There is a sense of enlightenment all around the locale, and it has some of the most gorgeous temples and relics to make you feel connected to your roots. Varanasi also has some of the best flora and fauna in India, making it a key destination for travellers who love to explore the unknown within them.

Planning A Weekend Getaway To Varanasi

Hotel booking in Varanasi

Travelling in style is key and booking a great hotel in Sarnath Varanasi is the way to go. Sarnath is one of the most popular destinations for travellers looking for off-beat vacations. The city has many top resorts and hotels, spread across its beautiful land. One of the best luxury hotels in Varanasi is the Tree of Life. The resort has some of the finest amenities and hotel accommodations that one can ask for. There’s a gorgeous spa, a comprehensive local dining place and the whole hotel has some of the most exquisite interiors that you’ve seen.

Experiences at Varanasi

One can have a great time in this gorgeous city with a boat ride down the river Ganges. This is one of the most sacred rivers in India, and the boat ride takes you to all the interesting historical spots in the region. You can even take a dip in the river if you want to do so. Sightseeing across the Sarnath city is a popular activity that many tourists indulge in as well.

The Dharmekh Stupa is a religious stupa pillar built all the way back in 200 BC at a height of 120 feet. It’s one of the few monuments that are still alive after generations. The whole area is considered to be holy and sacred due to it being the site of the Gautam Buddha’s religious teachings.

Next stop is shopping, and you can get to see a lot of activity happening in the street stores of Varanasi. The city is known for its eclectic style and options in traditional Indian wear.

Explore your spiritual side

A key attraction at Varanasi are its temples and beautiful religious zones. The area is a historical monument in itself, leading many towards its vast array of temples.

One of the most popular temples in the area is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which is encased in two gold domes. It was built by Queen Ahilyabai Holker of Indore over 300 years ago! The 18th-century Durga Temple, Mritunjay Mahadev Temple, and Bharat Mata Temple, showcase the beautiful spiritual side of Varanasi.