There are currently over 1 million cyber crimes committed every single day, and that number is on the rise. While some of these attacks are carried out on private parties, companies of all sizes are starting to feel the consequences of this illegal activity. Before taking on even one client, every business should have commercial-grade cyber protection up and running on every company device.

Avast! Endpoint Protection

This software is the most simplistic security software the developer offers, but that means a lower price for business owners. The design is simplistic and can be picked up by employees in no time at all with a variety of one-touch features for everything from system scans to permanent file shredding. Those that would like a firewall or spam protection can upgrade to the Enterprise edition.

The 5 Best Web Security Systems For Businesses

F-Secure Business Suite

The primary benefit of F-Secure Business Suite is that the system runs quickly and without crowding memory space. Business owners and their employees do not need to worry about their system getting bogged down as this program efficiently filters out malware and intrusion attempts. The only downside of this software is that the license must be signed off on each computer instead of on the entire network at once.

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

AVG AntiVirus has quickly become one of the most dependable and popular pieces of digital security software in the world, and their Business Edition program is the entry-level product for smaller companies. The core antivirus software is superb, with remote assistance throughout the workweek, a comprehensive firewall, a malicious website blocker, and a simple interface for setting preferences.

Symantec Endpoint

Symantec may be one of the top choices for businesses that carry some or all of their information on the cloud. This robust software has options for malware protection both locally and through cloud programs and, according to a web security specialist with a Technology MBA, is continuously ranked as one of the most adept programs at stopping malicious software. When combined with the affordable price, this package is tough to beat.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky is another standby for those that would like complete protection for their business without the huge costs. Kaspersky Small Office Security offers users the ability to protect almost every system with support for all Windows and Android-based devices. This includes file shredders, secure online banking, malware protection, firewalls, and more.

Cyber crimes cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars every single year, and no owner should ever leave their company’s resources and customer’s information vulnerable. A robust web security system could prevent any major catastrophes before they ever take place.