Although, the prediction that social recruiting will go mainstream in the year 2012 did not mature, its impact on the social media platform has given rise to several social recruiting tools in the technology market. Three such interesting tools for social recruiting and their utilization are elaborated in the following lines. These tools have grown hugely popular in no time due to their extensive implementation for social media use.

 3 Recently Launched Software Tools For Social Recruiting

Social Media Is the Base for Social Recruiting Tools

The Gild Source Tool:

This newly developed profiling tool is an exciting one. Developers generally develop project following which they offer their codes using Open source to websites such as GitHub that has the potential to make them display their skills to various potential employers and clients who are in search of star developer.

Gild Source normally analyzes the codes on Open Source code based presentation sites and rates each of the developer profile (called the Gild Score) on the basis of their code quality available publicly along with the influence score, bio summary and experience. As the programmer score increases, so does his experience and quality.

Recruiters can look for Gild Source (containing a million and more developer profiles), to create qualified shortlists for skilled developer talent on the basis of their score on Gild. Both developers and recruiters are involved for the product development which speaks volumes for its reputation and credibility in the community of technology.

The Identified Tool:

This profiling system of social media is based on ‘gamification’ as it merges with anyone’s Facebook profile, to give one a social connection, educational and experience based candidate score. The candidate’s score depends on his/her past employers’ score, connections’ score as well as the educational institute’s quality based score.

This tool is in pretty early stage which is why huge amount of expectations is associated with it. Since the network score is your network people’s scoring average, you can manipulate this factor and select high-scoring people in your network and refuse those with low scores, thus affecting the social dynamics in an interesting way.

3 Recently Launched Software Tools For Social Recruiting

The Smarterer (beta) Tool:

This particular web service admits assessments and tests for users in various proficiency areas after which the candidates receive a score card using which they can compare their score with competing candidates. For example, your test results may rank you among the 5% at the top “Advice” (an imaginary brand name) expert users. Candidates can distribute their test results to their recruiters and network.

Recruiters can avoid being passive by introducing innovative skill tests and scanning through the test takers (crowdsourcing). It will help them find informed and skilled people to cover their posts. Principally, this tool is a great one, depending on the participant’s honesty, which includes giving the test on their own.


This social recruiting aspect is a relatively new one but its impact is so great that technology companies in millions are trying to build solutions. The next year will welcome newer key consolidations and innovations as well as buyouts with industry maturity.

Summary: Three of the most popular social recruiting tools are discussed in the writing for readers to understand the latest software tools. The developers have worked hard to make them effective and functional.

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