The exam season is around, you are expected to have sufficient content to answer all the exam questions and score at or above the threshold mark in order to graduate or move forward to the next level. However, for some of us, there are usually too many things to be done that we end up running out of time. At times, some courses are generally too difficult to grasp or downright boring to the extent that you doze off the books while reading.

That having been said, the bull has to be dragged by the horns or else you will have to redo the course (a nightmare pushed forward) or fail to graduate entirely. This calls for you to learn some tech inspired ways to cheat in College and avoid your friends mocking you for failing the paper. Let’s delve into some of the common and easy to execute tech cheating ways.

First of all you have to use an essay checker for easily writing of essays.

1. Use of Smartpen

Improving the average score runs deep into the blood of every student and this pen makes it all happen. This piece of tech is a masterpiece information bank that can store mp3 files and answers to literally all your algebra, English, and even Spanish essay questions. They can be easily bought in local gadget shops and stores.

Tech Inspired Ways To Cheat In College

2. Use of Mobile Phones

This one is here to stay, and almost all of us have at one time used our smartphones to ask our loyal exam helper (Google) for some help. Google never disappoints especially if you have some data plan for scouring the web for answers to the grueling questions. If your course work can be converted to an eBook( preferably pdf), then you are lucky so long as you find a cunning way to slip your mobile phone into the exam room. Just don’t let your mobile phone be visible to the eyes of your lecturer or CCTV (lucky me, most of my lecturers must have been blind, and there were no CCTVs!).

3. Use of Graphic Calculators

Oh mathematics, why can’t we be good friends? If you have been to a math class, you may have witnessed a moment where your lecturer solved a question halfway and got stuck then told you to DIY. Surprisingly, they bring the same question to the exam- a question that knocked both you and the lecturer down. This is where you need smart calculators. A graphic calculator will help you with most of your graphic and theorem questions and even save some answers for later use. Most of these calculators have inbuilt formulas and can generate new ones. You only need to know how to operate them.

4. Use of Spy-cam Devices

Technology, mathematics and medicine students could really benefit from spy-cam devices. These courses are no-nonsense and even after thorough study, you may still need them to push your score a notch higher. Eyeglasses linked to a smart watch is the most commonly used spy-cam device. Link your smart watch to your friend’s and send the question via the glasses and the answer will come through the watch.

5. Bluetooth Stereo Earpiece

If you don’t have a hearing problem, then using earpiece connected to an audio gadget via Bluetooth can help you get answers to the mind boggling questions. However, make sure you use the smaller earpiece devices that cannot be spotted easily.

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