Most of the people wondered what is blu-ray when it is announced!  It’s an advanced technology introduced in data storage sectors. This technology introduced in optical disc storage environment so it also called blu-ray disc technology (BD) developed by BDA. This storage methodology was developed to maximize the disc storage capacity for HD video shoot, rewriting and playback. It  is also aimed to store large data sets into normal disc, that means utilize normal disc size to store huge amount of data.

This research resulted in blu-ray technology, these methods offers to store five times more than conventional disc in a single layer. The normal dvd’s we use can hold up to 4.7 gb data but where as these blu-ray disc can store 25Gb in a single layer and up to 50gb in dual layer. This is huge advancement ,isn’t it??? This technology helped mainly the film industry to combine high definition audio and video codec formats to use in making movie and give a pleasure to viewer with high definition experience.

The blu-ray doesn’t use the red laser like other DVDs, instead it uses blue laser. The blue laser has lesser wavelength size than the red laser, which helps to reduce the focus length of laser beam to very tiny space to read and write the data. The focus length is reduced to 5 times lesser than the red laser layer, so it helps to store more data in single layer.

The design of the blu-ray disc also helps manufactures to make their investment savings, normal dvd’s designed and built by injecting two 0.6-mm discs and the recoding layer placed in-between the two  discs and glued strongly together. But where as blu-ray discs use single injection-molding where single 1.1-mm disc is used. Using this 1.1mm discs molding method reduces cost for manufactures.

The blu-ray also offers high speed data transfer rate than the normal dvd data transfer rate. The regular dvd discs offers 10mbps data transfer rate but the blu ray discs offers the 36mbps data rate. The blu ray discs also little extra tough build than the dvd , so it gives and extra protection to the blu-ray dsics.

The blu-ray discs can’t be played on normal dvd players, the blu-ray disc requires blu-ray player which is already manufactured by different top electronic companies and readily available on market.

So why so late get your blu-ray today!!! You can record energizing minutes like your child’s first steps and euphoric delight with a HD camcorder and store them on a Blu-beam Disk. At that point, you can remember those unforgettable minutes with HD pictures at whatever time you need. Protect all the emotional occasions of your childrens with HD pictures and sounds.