IPV4 100w Box Mod From VaporizerChiefToday’s market is filled with numerous kinds of vaporizers. Not only that, but the online stores have also started offering these fantastic devices. But as there are many, it is vital to know about the features and benefits of each product so that you buy the best one.

As these include batteries, you must purchase from a reliable store or online shop so that there are no issues with the battery. These are provided at reasonable prices. Carry the products along with you all the time. These are portable because of their small size.

Controlling the temperature

In the earlier versions, clients had found the absence of few things. But the latest vaporizers are equipped with all the features that users have been looking for. Yihi SX330-V4S is now employed by iPV4 100w box mod from VaporizerChief that averts dry hits and offers temperature control as well. The back cover of the product is a magnetic one with which the batteries can be switched quickly. A USB port is also included in this product.

Few important features

A plethora of features can be viewed when it comes to the iPV4 100w box mod from VaporizerChief. The first one is the adjustable wattage that makes the product highly beneficial. Secondly, the pas are supported via the mod. Thirdly, there is an ohm resistance meter. Fourthly, as you adjust the wattage, the voltage will be calculated automatically. However, the batteries that are used in this product needs to be bought separately. The warranty period of the device is one year.