We never know exactly about the ghost existence in this world. There are many theories, beliefs people in different regions are having. But when you are come films, there are many ghostly based and horror pictures created by the directors around the world which made everyone to believe almost in ghosts. But there are some movies based on true events occurred in different places and horrifying death and murders. These all script based movies really makes us scared and almost increases our heart beat rate. Here is a list of most top five scariest movies all made.

The JU-On Series

This is one best, scariest movie made ever, the film going to make you feel very bad in each scene, when the spirit presence comes into scene. The original film helped to other directors to create another fantastic scary film to do in other languages. In this film a female was murdered by the her own husband, who falls in love with another woman. Then house becomes cursed because of her strong and deep rage and start to bring the death to everyone who comes in touch with that curse place. This basic story furthermore developed into further sequels.

The Ringu


It may like Hollywood’s THE RING movie, but this one is original to the Hollywood’s one. The film even scarier than THE RING film, definitely it’s going to give you screaming situations and heart beats rise up. So don’t sit alone to watch this movie. The story of the movie goes like this, a video cassette contains a strange visual recorded message in it. If anyone watch that cassette, then they will face strange and the scariest situation after that.


Do not sit alone to watch this scariest film, you just need to have enough courage to watch it. This film one of the most horror films ever made till now. The story goes as the young lovers hit a woman with their car, tries to escape, but the dead woman starts to haunt them. The photography boy friend of the lady who was driving the car, faces, strange situations and his photographs comes with strange lights within it. The rest of the story you have to watch it to feel the thrill.

The Conjuring

The creepiest thing in this movie is that it is created based on true events occurred in a family where people are feeling strong extra non visible persons presence. When you are watching a movie, you can’t sit comfortably, the people requires to have a strong heart and eye to openly watch the film. There will many scenes where you have to close your eyes with fear.