What comes to your mind when you think of stock photography? I am sure you are reminded of a few cliché images. Most of the stock photography that are clicked by people will be dull, boring and awkward. In reality, it is not so. If you follow the dos and don’ts of stock photography, then it can be really awesome. All you have to do is to take extreme care to select the right image and make it better using the right image modification tools.

The dos of stock photography

  1. Pick the right image

It should not be too abstract and too literal. Selecting an image too abstract will prevent the viewers from connecting the image with your post. Being too literal will show the lack of originality. Your image be related to your message but should also show your out of box thinking. You should spend your quality time to browse the internet and select the right image.

  1. Make modifications to the image to suit your content

It is better to alter the photos to fit into your content. Most of the stock photo agencies allow modification of photos. However, it is better to make sure that there are no restrictions made by checking the license agreement.

  1. Humor adds to the appeal

Mild humor increases makes your message more appealing. The humorous image should bring smile in the reader’s lips. You should remember that it should not offend them.

  1. People power and nature power

Some feel that pictures of people create a better connection. Some feel that nature stock images create a better connection. You have to decide which will suit your message or your brand. You can also combine them together. Using photographs of nature as background picture creates a better impression.

The don’ts of stock photography

  • Don’t use outdated images. Photos shot in modern high resolution cameras are a better choice.
  • Don’t go for cheap photos and free photos to save money. There is no harm in paying for good photos. It will really endanger the reputation of your company and your message will go unnoticed.
  • Don’t overload images. Select the images sparingly. Using fewer photos is a better option when you use stock photography.
  • Don’t crop the photo unnaturally. The photo should fit the space perfectly. There should not be any unnatural distractions in the photo after cropping.
  • Say NO to pictures that look artificially overposed. Pictures of people staring straight into the camera and smiling should be avoided.
  • Don’t insert your product into a photo. Make sure your product fits into the photo naturally.

When you use nature stock photos you need not worry about overposing, humor and a few more features. The only important thing you should remember is to buy it from a good agency. There is never ending options of nature stock photos to choose from in the internet. SuperStock is one of the best places to go for to buy good nature stock photography.