Buying the best cleaning equipment starts with checking Consumer Reports.  Reading an advertisement will not give you right information for the simple reason that the advertisement is trying to sell you something. Their product may be good or it may not perform well. Consumer Reports tests the products, and that is why they can recommend it. You are given buying guide and price.  Subscribing to them will give you weight, performance-how well it did in its category.  You’ll have access to information on the product you’re interested in and you can “comparison shop,” as the saying goes. Consumer Guru is another site and it is free.  It shows the products with consumer reviews.  You are able to check the prices on eBay and Amazon.

If you are looking for cleaning equipment then a floor cleaner/buffer is a good for example. It is best to research the industrial level versions. Checking the yellow pages (also known as YP) in the phone book or on the internet and it will give you places to look at initially. You’ll also be able to find information on the internet for both the household and industrial cleaners you are looking for.  These will give background of information that you can use, because best cleaning equipment comes down to researching on your part. Use the information above when investigating the cleaning equipment below.

Vacuum cleaners

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, buying the best one relates to the needs of the individual and covers three areas; weight of the vacuum, health of the person using it, and convenience.  These three areas can overlap each other. There are four basic types of home vacuum cleaners: the canisters- where you pull the basic body behind you, the upright, the robotic, and the smaller light weight stick. We all want our vacuum to clean well. Families who do not have pets will no worry about how well it picks up the pet hair.  Health covers two areas; how heavy is it and breathing problems.  The weight of the vacuum is important for people who are not strong, or who have a bad back.  This can be problematic.  The second health concern relates to those with allergies and breathing problems.  They would consider getting one with a HEPA filer.  I mention convenience for the simple reason that some people do not have a lot of storage space, and therefore the canister or stick might be what they are looking for. The robotic is great for those who hate to vacuum, or do not have time to do so.

Steam Mops

If you hate mopping the floor as much as I do, then a steam mop might be something to consider.  All steam mops are uprights and look smaller than some of the larger upright

vacuum cleaners. Sanitizing a floor is what most people are looking for.  Ease of operation is another consideration, and after that it falls into to the same category as some vacuums: convenience and weight.

Different Industrial Floor Machines

There are various types of floor machines and they are uses for different purposes. One will grind off the old polish on wooden floors.  The floor sanders would be used to grind the wood down a bit on the floor and basically smooth it out.  Floor sweepers would take up all sawdust and whatever else is left, and once that is done and a “tack cloth” is used to take up fine dust, thena new finish can be applied the wooden floor.  There are other types of floor machines out there that have different purposes.